23 May 2017 @ 01:00 pm
 Recommend canons you think people would enjoy, or that you would love to see characters from in the bar.

Recommend fic for your own canons.
22 May 2017 @ 09:55 pm
As of this, with the kind permission of Bing, Vyvyan is constructing a small man cave at the bottom of one of the mountains, away from anything else anyone else has going on around there.

Feel free to notice it; when he's not in it it will be covered (after today) with a locked wooden door bearing the notice: 'VYVYAN - PISS OFF'.

You probably don't want to go inside, but if you decide to, let me know so I can tell you what to find...
22 May 2017 @ 05:25 am
Inspired by some time I spent in a forest yesterday, what is your pup's relationship to nature like? Do they avoid it or need time out in it?

How about yourself?
21 May 2017 @ 05:51 pm
It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means I get spaghetti for dinner tonight! )
20 May 2017 @ 08:01 pm
Hi everyone!

Quick heads-up: there will be a newcomer in the bar this evening in the form of War ([personal profile] beautiful_bullets)... the Good Omens version.

She is, quite literally, the human(ish) embodiment of War, violence and battle, and as such I thought I'd better clear up a few things before posting her in.

1. War, simply by dint of existing, can and quite possibly will make your pups feel more aggressive and more angry. In canon, she has been the source of several full-scale civil wars, simply by having a drink at a bar.


2. Her boss (the one who TALKS LIKE THIS) has had a word, and required that she not be responsible for full-scale blood-letting in the bar. She isn't best pleased about this, but will be obeying... more or less.


3. Quite possibly, nothing! Given her ability to make a royal mess of your character's day, War will never tag out - unless you ask me to do so, so please feel free to drop me a line and ask!

4. If you do decide to thread with her, War will naturally make your character feel more aggressive, more angry, and generally more inclined to violence. However, characters with reasonable self-control should be more or less able to resist her - particularly if they have personal experience of the reality of war. Conversely, those inclined to look upon war and combat as glamorous, or those with little experience of real violence, are much more susceptible to her wiles.


5. In line (...more or less) with her BOSS's wishes, War will put nothing in your character's head that isn't already there. If there is nothing, nothing at all, that your character is angry about, no fear, no greed... there's nothing she'll be able to do. (At least, not without catching the Big Guy's attention, and she'd rather not do that at present.)


6. If they're baseline human... probably not. She's a beautiful, unusually alluring woman, and to most humans that's the end of it. However, traditionally 'sensitive' animals like dogs and cats will fear and mistrust her; vultures, coyotes and other carrion-feeders love her; and machines will always pick up on her presence even at times when humans won't. If your character isn't human, on the other hand - especially if they're another incarnate or god/goddess - by all means have them pick up on what she is. She won't have any shame about it.
20 May 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Good Afternoon All! (Afternoon for anyone at GMT-5)

My husband and I are traveling to Kansas City this even so I must beg slowtime for any pups threading with [personal profile] immortalthief or [personal profile] psychowolf

I'm loving the threads so thank you all :)

I'll be slow until I leave for the airport and then afk until the morning after that.

Update: I have arrived safe :) Even managed to find the correct hotel that I made the reservations at. So tagging will once again commence.
19 May 2017 @ 05:04 am
Apologies to Fractal and Anakin for this topic...

What is your pup's Mirror-verse self like?

ETA: A mun PSA, I having a fairly bad case of general ick and so am unlikely to tag in today.
18 May 2017 @ 10:20 pm
There is a Stargate in the forest, somewhere. It's overgrown, and has no control crystals in the DHD, so it doesn't work. The mods let me do this. All worship the wonderful mods!
18 May 2017 @ 10:20 pm
So, Guide needs security, again. Anyone around tonight would be nice, can tag tomorrow.

Here is the thread. Feel free to tag in.
18 May 2017 @ 07:16 am
How politically-savvy is your character? I don’t mean their knowledge of government, per se, but status and power and social dynamics. How good are they at navigating office politics, complicated social situations, public opinion, boosting their own reputation and networking and all of that?
17 May 2017 @ 10:29 pm
Its far too hot here and I love seeing all the new characters and all the OOMs in Bar. I'm going to hit a few one of my favorites then you fill in yours.

Eden's OOMs are funny and fascinating. Kingdom Hearts is a strange world and I look forward to knowing it better.

A look into Kylo's past which is heartbreaking.

Abe Sapien, Doc Scurlock and Ben Wade return and I was bouncing on my sofa at all of these EPs.
17 May 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Hello, everyone!

First of all, another bit of gratitude for your patience as I work on my health. It means a lot to me. But now, on to fun!

This is just a reminder that next week, Thursday will be Star Wars day! Milliways will spontaneously turn itself into not just a Standard Cantina this time, but a variant on Mos Eisley itself, complete with ridiculous band playing frankly completely weird music, a bar with entirely different food and drink than usual, costuming available--options shown on datapads found freely around--and some weapons with safe settings (whether that be blasters with stun only or training lightsabers not actually capable of accidentally severing limbs, or really any Star Wars weapon there is).

This year, there will also be a racing track outside for speeders and/or pod racing (don't kill me). A flight pad outside will have ships purely for tours, not flying, but signs pointing prominently to the flight simulator room for people to enjoy. There will be tables for Dejarik, cards for Sabacc and Pazaak, a Grav-ball court, and Cubikahd. (There is possibly some flippy ball game in Maz's castle, but I can't find what it's called; assume Star Wars equivalent of foosball?)

Due to this being the 40th Anniversary Celebration, there may be a few other tweaks and surprises waiting, some of which I will keep under my hat for now. ;-P But either way, I am preemptively claiming Bartending for May 25th R2-D2, the survivor of our three Release Day Anniversary characters.

If you're looking for food and drink ideas, the best places I can think of to start are the Wookiepedia pages on them:
Beverages of all kinds (including alcoholic)

Due to the 25th coinciding with other geek-like holidays, centerpieces on tables will feature lilacs and towels will be draped over most chairs. We're not going to forget those two, either.

I will post the beginning at (or maybe if I'm feeling silly, before) 6pm US Eastern Time on the 24th; I declare it technically closed at 6am Eastern on the 26th--but Millitime is Best Time, so enjoy yourselves.

Feel free to have a little fun with the soundtrack, of course. There is no plot in this, just a lot of silliness and fun times for all. Plan amongst yourselves or just make it up!

EDIT: After some discussion, y'know what, y'all? If you all want to, and the mods okay it, I am pretty fine with the Star Wars Bar Celebration lasting more than one day (or thirty-six hours, as the case may be). I think we all need a little light-hearted fun in our lives right now.
17 May 2017 @ 12:55 pm
What's the most bizarre, cracky, and canon non compliant possession your character has gained since coming to Milliways?

Example: Teja has a rocket launcher from Team Fortress 2
16 May 2017 @ 12:02 pm
 Okay, so killing two birds with one stone: please pencil in AU week 2017 for the beginning of August.

And talk about your favourite AUs for your canon and characters, whether you are pondering to use them or not. Bonus if you can post links to fics or embed vids  or artwork.
15 May 2017 @ 10:23 pm
Just eeking it in under the wire...

This week include....

Today, or what's left of it.
Tomorrow, all day.

First to claim, first to serve.
Have at!
15 May 2017 @ 05:58 am
Some thing strange is up in bar. Maybe it's another misfired spell. Maybe Bar isn't feeling well. Or maybe the ghosts of Warner and Disney are haunting Milliways. Whatever the reason, when your character enters, they find themselves transformed into some anthropomorphic animal.

So, what is their furisona?

Since this is Milliways, animals can be from any canyon and can even be from mythology.  
14 May 2017 @ 07:30 pm
It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

It means I'm not really feeling it today, so let's get to it.

How was your week in roleplay?
12 May 2017 @ 05:23 am
From [personal profile] thebattycakes , an excellent idea:
We've had so many new characters and old ones returning lately how about a 'Let's Thread!' DE?

List your characters, maybe contact info, and others can tag in to request a thread or set something up.
11 May 2017 @ 01:16 pm
Greetings folks!

Apps are officially now Closed for the month of May.
There were quite a few this month, so I'll be working through them when I can.
If you were one of the folks who app'd this month, one sure-fire way to make sure your application is processed as quickly as possible:
  1. Make sure you've used your character journal to join the [community profile] milliways_bar main Comm.
  2. Give your character's User Info a once over. Does it have a description of what they look like? How about a "No Ownership" disclaimer?
  3. Double check that you've submitted an entry for your character on the Cast List.
  4. Triple check that you've submitted an entry for your character on the Contact List.

All that and you'll likely be good to go!
If you've got any other questions, comment here and ask away!

Also, now that school is out for the summer, that whole Tag Wrangling thing is soon to be in the works.
Along with some changes to our FAQ.
SO keeps your eyes peeled!

Brought to you by me playing way too much Stardew Valley: imagine your character is an NPC in a standard RPG village. The kind with a blacksmith/armorer, a general store, an inn/tavern, a magician/healer, and assorted Villagers who stand around and say things when you go up to them. What’s your character’s flavor text? Do they have a side quest for anyone? Do they buy or sell supplies?