Lots of canons have something that probably counts as technobabble, though it might be magicobabble or culturebabble instead: flavor text made up to suggest that there is totally a solid canon-world basis for this Thingamajig or Phenomenon that is currently important to the plot--but which doesn't really require a solid explanation. Like reversing the polarities. Or crossing the streams. From Wikipedia: "a fiction writer might use it to cover plot holes or to invoke suspension of disbelief of story elements that defy current understandings of science and technology."

Do you have a favorite from your canon? Have you made some up for Milliways or fanfic that you're proud of? Do you have a rule of thumb for making up technobabble for your RP?

Is there something in your canon that doesn't quite meet the usual definitions of technobabble, but which you feel kinda fits anyway? Job titles and such?