20 March 2017 @ 06:02 am
 Good morning and welcome to another week. How about we start this one with some fic?

Since my day is looking pretty packed, here's a random first line generator to get you started. As ever, feel free to ask for prompts from your noble peers, I just may not be able to provide myself.
Wilford Warfstache
20 March 2017 @ 12:44 pm
If you're trying to reach crackchat today, and you have problems, it's probably not on your end. Discord is experiencing a major, unexpected outage across their entire gateway. They're looking into the cause, but with these things, don't expect up to mean fixed. It could potentially go up and down all day.
20 March 2017 @ 03:59 pm
Hallo Neverland!

First off, I know I'm stupid behind on Apps. 
I was hoping to get those out before I left for school today, but then I remembered I don't have the Mod Account Password on this computer, so they're going to have to wait another day.

Apologies to those who are waiting!

In the meantime, however, HAPPY HOUR SHIFTS for this week include:


First to claim! First to serve! Have at!