30 April 2017 @ 12:16 am
Hey all,

First, I am so sorry I've been super flakey this past week and a half. I'm feeling really awfully sick, despite my best efforts otherwise. I'll try to catch all the tags I owe of the last two weeks soon, I just really haven't been feeling up to things.

Second, as some of chat knows, I've been having a lot of existential angst about Lois lately, so I'm making it official. Smallville Lois [personal profile] presspasskey is officially switched out and gone from Bar. But never fear, there is still a Lois! You will see [personal profile] skepticgirl1 in Bar probably starting tomorrow (my personal attempt to make myself happy enough to play again). She won't have any memories of Smallville Lois' and she'll be about thirteen.

Personal plea for all your characters who know about Lois, her future, and her future boyfriend: please don't tell her Clark is Superman. It's actually okay to mention who she's dating later, if it seems relevant, or even about Superman. I'd rather you not go out of your way to, obviously, but the only thing she really can't learn is Clark = Kal-el/Superman.

Lookin' forward to bright-(violet-)eyed teenager joining the madhouse, y'all, and sincerely: thanks for your patience while I try to relocate my energy for RP again.
The mountains are calling and I must go.
30 April 2017 @ 09:44 am
It's Sunday again, Milliways, and you know what that means...

it means I just have a few minutes! have some dancing Spongebob and Patrick! )
Teja son of Tagila
On this thread


Teja is trying to arrest two wet men in swimtrunks for violence in the spa, and it escalated quickly, because they are Chirrut and Baze. They are not coming quietly, and Teja is of course getting his ass handed to him by Chirrut, because One With The Force, plus Donnie Yen, and all that. In fact, considering the PB related meta, how could it be otherwise?

Could we please have some superpowered Security member on that thread to throw Chirrut and Baze in the cells? Count the cat is racing towards the office Baze has now come running to the bar to get help, so there is the IC reason why they know there's an emergency. Could you reply here, then tag right in?

Thank you in advance!
Jason Todd
30 April 2017 @ 01:21 pm
Hey lovely people. Another voice apologising for mega-flakiness. Since getting back from the con, I've been managing some major kitten health issues. My little familiar is recovering from major surgery and so far, so good. I hope.

I'll be home the next couple of days nursing her so I'll try to get back into tagging properly.

Many hugs,

Edit - Thanks for all the kind thoughts and well wishes. Nico is on the mend, even if she loathes the plastic cone. If looks could kill!