Teja son of Tagila
17 May 2017 @ 12:55 pm
What's the most bizarre, cracky, and canon non compliant possession your character has gained since coming to Milliways?

Example: Teja has a rocket launcher from Team Fortress 2
17 May 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Hello, everyone!

First of all, another bit of gratitude for your patience as I work on my health. It means a lot to me. But now, on to fun!

This is just a reminder that next week, Thursday will be Star Wars day! Milliways will spontaneously turn itself into not just a Standard Cantina this time, but a variant on Mos Eisley itself, complete with ridiculous band playing frankly completely weird music, a bar with entirely different food and drink than usual, costuming available--options shown on datapads found freely around--and some weapons with safe settings (whether that be blasters with stun only or training lightsabers not actually capable of accidentally severing limbs, or really any Star Wars weapon there is).

This year, there will also be a racing track outside for speeders and/or pod racing (don't kill me). A flight pad outside will have ships purely for tours, not flying, but signs pointing prominently to the flight simulator room for people to enjoy. There will be tables for Dejarik, cards for Sabacc and Pazaak, a Grav-ball court, and Cubikahd. (There is possibly some flippy ball game in Maz's castle, but I can't find what it's called; assume Star Wars equivalent of foosball?)

Due to this being the 40th Anniversary Celebration, there may be a few other tweaks and surprises waiting, some of which I will keep under my hat for now. ;-P But either way, I am preemptively claiming Bartending for May 25th R2-D2, the survivor of our three Release Day Anniversary characters.

If you're looking for food and drink ideas, the best places I can think of to start are the Wookiepedia pages on them:
Beverages of all kinds (including alcoholic)

Due to the 25th coinciding with other geek-like holidays, centerpieces on tables will feature lilacs and towels will be draped over most chairs. We're not going to forget those two, either.

I will post the beginning at (or maybe if I'm feeling silly, before) 6pm US Eastern Time on the 24th; I declare it technically closed at 6am Eastern on the 26th--but Millitime is Best Time, so enjoy yourselves.

Feel free to have a little fun with the soundtrack, of course. There is no plot in this, just a lot of silliness and fun times for all. Plan amongst yourselves or just make it up!

EDIT: After some discussion, y'know what, y'all? If you all want to, and the mods okay it, I am pretty fine with the Star Wars Bar Celebration lasting more than one day (or thirty-six hours, as the case may be). I think we all need a little light-hearted fun in our lives right now.
17 May 2017 @ 10:29 pm
Its far too hot here and I love seeing all the new characters and all the OOMs in Bar. I'm going to hit a few one of my favorites then you fill in yours.

Eden's OOMs are funny and fascinating. Kingdom Hearts is a strange world and I look forward to knowing it better.

A look into Kylo's past which is heartbreaking.

Abe Sapien, Doc Scurlock and Ben Wade return and I was bouncing on my sofa at all of these EPs.