20 May 2017 @ 02:16 pm
Good Afternoon All! (Afternoon for anyone at GMT-5)

My husband and I are traveling to Kansas City this even so I must beg slowtime for any pups threading with [personal profile] immortalthief or [personal profile] psychowolf

I'm loving the threads so thank you all :)

I'll be slow until I leave for the airport and then afk until the morning after that.

Update: I have arrived safe :) Even managed to find the correct hotel that I made the reservations at. So tagging will once again commence.
20 May 2017 @ 08:01 pm
Hi everyone!

Quick heads-up: there will be a newcomer in the bar this evening in the form of War ([personal profile] beautiful_bullets)... the Good Omens version.

She is, quite literally, the human(ish) embodiment of War, violence and battle, and as such I thought I'd better clear up a few things before posting her in.

1. War, simply by dint of existing, can and quite possibly will make your pups feel more aggressive and more angry. In canon, she has been the source of several full-scale civil wars, simply by having a drink at a bar.


2. Her boss (the one who TALKS LIKE THIS) has had a word, and required that she not be responsible for full-scale blood-letting in the bar. She isn't best pleased about this, but will be obeying... more or less.


3. Quite possibly, nothing! Given her ability to make a royal mess of your character's day, War will never tag out - unless you ask me to do so, so please feel free to drop me a line and ask!

4. If you do decide to thread with her, War will naturally make your character feel more aggressive, more angry, and generally more inclined to violence. However, characters with reasonable self-control should be more or less able to resist her - particularly if they have personal experience of the reality of war. Conversely, those inclined to look upon war and combat as glamorous, or those with little experience of real violence, are much more susceptible to her wiles.


5. In line (...more or less) with her BOSS's wishes, War will put nothing in your character's head that isn't already there. If there is nothing, nothing at all, that your character is angry about, no fear, no greed... there's nothing she'll be able to do. (At least, not without catching the Big Guy's attention, and she'd rather not do that at present.)


6. If they're baseline human... probably not. She's a beautiful, unusually alluring woman, and to most humans that's the end of it. However, traditionally 'sensitive' animals like dogs and cats will fear and mistrust her; vultures, coyotes and other carrion-feeders love her; and machines will always pick up on her presence even at times when humans won't. If your character isn't human, on the other hand - especially if they're another incarnate or god/goddess - by all means have them pick up on what she is. She won't have any shame about it.