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Sorry so late! Silly work.

What would your pup be like in a different canon?

If your character had originated from a different canon, who would they be? Would they be like a certain character from that canon, or simply a different version of themselves? Who would they be friends with? What would they do for a living, who would they date, etc? For instance, if Sam Winchester was part of the Harry Potter universe, would he be a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff?

Comment here with your pup's name, and others will comment with scenarios wherein your pup originated from a different canon than their own. Replies can be in essay or drabble format, whatever you're comfortable with, and anyone can feel free to expand on given scenarios.

Please remember to give back if you tag in!

[personal profile] chanter_greenie 2009-11-18 05:44 pm (UTC)(link)
For Felix Valeson, childhood was all the usual things; educational, fun, a little trying at times. Sure, the prairie wasn't the most exciting place to grow up, but it could've been far worse, in his opinion. the steady, quiet son of an equally unflappable set of parents, Felix grew up amid the cornfields and cottonwood trees of the Nebraska plains. The karate classes were his father's idea, intended purely to teach Felix self-defense. the affinity for garden work came from his mother and her prize-winning cucumbers. The battered book found on a routine search through the shelves of the public library, though... that was someone, or more accurately some One else's idea.

Felix was a handful of months past his thirteenth birthday when the Manual found him, making him neither unusually old nor especially young at onset. Not two days after reading out a certain highly-visible block of text from the book's first page, Felix found himself tested; an attempt by the Lone Power to trap the novice wizard in the midst of a swiftly-kindled prairie fire resulted in Felix performing a spell that left the Kindler of wildfires quite literally covered in soil. For some, the feat is known as taking in the sea but for Felix, the solution was the taking in of the land. Perhaps due in part to the relatively small area of land he needed to describe, Felix survived his Ordeal unharmed. Unsurprisingly, his specialty was geomancy almost from day one. Though not on the exceptionally powerful level of someone like Dairene Callahan, Felix nonetheless became a capable and notable wizard. He's the one the seniors turn to when the ground gets restless in more than the usual way, or so the saying goes around Lincoln.
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8D 8D 8D

8D 8D 8D

*coherency failure detected*

8D 8D 8D
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[personal profile] kd7sov 2009-11-18 07:08 pm (UTC)(link)
The best part is that I saw this not ten minutes after idly speculating about getting myself a YW headvoice.

Fun fact: Abroad isn't my favorite book in the series, but it happens to be the one I've read most often, including before I encountered any of the others.

[personal profile] chanter_greenie 2009-11-19 05:37 am (UTC)(link)
*grins* I stumbled across Deep Wizardry before any of the others, didn't realize there were more than three books in the series, and then found out just how extensive the canon was and snapped them all up. :D Now I'm anxiously awaiting A Wizard of Mars. *squirms about*

And I dare you to app Sker'ret. XD I can't speak for either of them, but I bet TL and Adiva would be as thrilled as I would if you did. :)
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[personal profile] kd7sov 2009-11-19 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I hear you there. I've been anxiously awaiting Mars since... well, I know for certain since August '07, since I complained about the wait in a post then, but I suspect I've actually been waiting since sometime the previous year.

A distinct possibility. Whether I do or not, though, I'll definitely want to fill out my collection first. As of a week ago tomorrow I have SYWTBAW, Deep Wizardry, Wizard's Dilemma, and Wizards at War. I never seem to find them in bookstores, apart from the first two with the covers I don't like, so I have to rely on Amazon, and I don't much like shopping online.