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Fight club 411, both IC and OOC

I've posted this month's fight club and so I wanted to post the rules, both IC (which is in the post) and OOC.

1-Fight friendly
2-Be honest with skills and abilities
3-Break off the fight if it's getting serious
4-Square areas are for sparing with weapons
5-Circle areas are for sparing hand to hand
6-Any area (square or circle) that also has a triangle is for teaching

1. Have fun!
2. If you want a fight to go too far, that is fine as long as both parties agree and accept they may get cell time.
3. Only Security pups can break up a fight by physical means. Non Security pups are welcome to yell or verbally try and break up a fight, but if someone needs to step between fighters, that is Security's place only.

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...dude, you have no idea how helpful this thing is right now.