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Wednesday DE: Open your mind

How comfortable is your pup with telepathy? And how strong are their mental shields? 
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[personal profile] just_cant_lose 2017-01-18 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
In some ways, Jim would find it funny. It'd be quite a relief not to have to constantly explain things all the time, he could just tell someone to read his mind. And he'd erect badass mental shields, so he'd fun leading people down wrong pathways, and showing them false memories and stuff.

On the other hand, it'd be very inconvenient for work and he wouldn't like anyone to see how out of control his mind can get sometimes. So he'd object on those grounds. It's not like he'd expect anyone looking into his mind to understand what they see anyway, but on balance, he'd prefer everyone to stay the hell out of his head, please.
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If Hannibal suspects telepathy, he thinks about blood and gore to scare the telepath out of his head.
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Seimei has a limited telepathic connection with his spirits, and is comfortable using telepathy with a limited number of people he knows and trusts (none of them are in Milliways). Otherwise he will only use it in emergency situations, i.e., to keep people from being hurt. He has no problem with reading surface emotions or subtly manipulating people's perceptions, at least in certain situations. But actually delving into someone's mind is not something he does lightly, even if he has permission.

The simplest way to describe his approach to mental shielding is that he does not 'block' so much as 'dodge.' It's a much more effective (and less energy-intensive) form of mental defense.
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X is totally chill with telepathy, she's an open book. Living with a bunch of telepaths and people who can see the future will do that. Due to her healing factor, help from Emma, and the Uni-power, her mind can be kind of fuzzy to read, but it's doable.

Ysalwen hates telepathy. Demons in her world use it to read your desires and then fool you with them. It's -- really bad, so she doesn't like it, and it's hard not to think about it when someone is using it on her. Also her head is full of horrors that she would rather not inflict on anyone else. Her shields are pretty strong once she's put them up.
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Enjolras is not. This is mostly because he's from a world without it and he doesn't have any shields. He doesn't mind himself and his thoughts being an open book to someone -- he's a pretty straightforwardly open guy anyway -- but he's entrusted with a lot of other people's secrets, some of them extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, and he has no way of knowing whether a telepath can see those too. His shields are nonexistent, unless pure untrained willpower can do the trick.

Cosette feels sort of awkward about it, in part because it's not something she's ever thought about. But if she liked the telepath, sure! Her mental shields are also nonexistent, except that she has some repressed memories that might be hidden, and she's probably a decent instinctive hand at deflecting through mental chatter too.

Kazul has probably run into it before, though it's not canonical as such. Her mental shields are respectable! As with most magic, she's fine with it if she thinks the practitioner is non-annoying.

Doctor Dinosaur's mind is probably not worth reading. He would object vociferously to any attempt to steal his GENIUS PLANS!!!, however. He doesn't have any innate mental shields, but he probably has an anti-telepathy helmet made of crystals. It might even work!

Thor has absolutely encountered it. He's not particularly skilled at it, aside from shielding, but it's nothing new or out there to him. He's got pretty sturdy shields, too. (Asgardians are canonically resistant to mind control, mind-affecting magic, etc. This is from the comics, not the movies, but I like it so I've adopted it.)
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Telepathy and other psychic powers are Sasha's entire schtick. Well, that and being a secret agent and a bit of a mad scientist. He is probably among the top ten most skilled psi users in his setting of origin, and that's saying something.

He has a very finely honed sense of when it is and is not appropriate to use those abilities; basically, if you don't either specifically ask him to probe your mind, or give him reason to believe that probing your mind is necessary to prevent you from doing something supervillanous, he's not going to do it. (I've been avoiding tagging people who would trigger option B as I don't really have time for Serious Plot these days.)

He might not be able to keep people out of his own mind — it's unclear whether that's even possible in his canon — but he is very good at organizing his own interior landscape; anyone who gets in will experience only what he wants them to.
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Molly hates psychics, because that was her parents' power and she's both seen, heard and read about the torture they used it for. Because mutants are immune to their parents' powers, she's impossible to read when she's using her powers; she's more vulnerable when they're off, but she has some training from the resident psychics at Xavier's so even when she's not powered-up she's pretty tricky to read.

If she thinks you're deliberately reading her mind, you'll be lucky if she only threatens to put you through a wall.

Sam's canonically impossible to read. His mind's split too many ways from using the Light: at best, all you'd get is a lot of voices talking at once, and probably an almighty headache.
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None of my pups are from a world with telepaths (as far as we know) but:

Gringoire totally believes that people can read and control the thoughts of others through Black Magic. It creeps him out intensely. But his only defenses are prayer and protection charms and such, so any actual telepaths can pretty much read as much of his mind as they want, if they're just really eager to hear lengthy internal considerations about architecture and goat training for some reason.

Joly has a lot of private info rattling around in his head, both for political and professional reasons, and he'd find the whole idea of telepathy indecent anyway, like spying on someone when they're taking a bath. He might make an exception for dedicated experiments with friends-- Can You Hear What Number I'm Thinking type stuff-- and he would understand that it has potentially iife-saving diagnostic uses, but he wouldn't *like* it. He doesn't have any defenses in particular, but anyone sifting through his thoughts is going to find an awful lot of vivid info on smelly diseases and painful death, just because that's where his thoughts go a lot.

Bahorel has all his Secret Revolutionary Info mentally tangled and buried enough that he doesn't worry about spilling it even under the influence of really impressive amounts and varieties of drugs, and he tends to think of things in terms of narrative tropes and references that other people may or may not get. Whether that deters a particular telepath or not is probably dependent on their own canon. And as for anything that isn't Secret Revolutioning Business...oh gad. The ability to pour his opinions full force directly into someone else's head would delight him greatly. Why is anyone poking around in his brain, anyway? Was he not talking enough? Why have you done this, hypothetical telepath, the brain-to-mouth pipe having a limited capacity is for everyone's wellbeing here.
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Brienne is from a world where there is very limited telepathy through magic. Specifically, there's one character who's shown the ability to read minds, or at least to read intentions. Brienne is not that character's biggest fan, let's just say. And in general, while she is very honest, she also has a lot of private thoughts she feels pretty vulnerable about, and would be extremely uncomfortable with having them exposed to others. The idea of someone reading her mind without consent would infuriate her, and might result in her attacking the telepath. She doesn't have any training in mental shields, but her willpower and self-discipline is pretty strong, so if that matters then she'd probably be good at it.

My Les Mis characters aren't from a world with telepathy, but:

Combeferre is not comfortable with telepathy either, being a member of an underground political society, and also just in principle. He's been studying magic in Milliways, and probably knows a spell or two to ward off telepaths. But in any case his mental shields are probably naturally excellent because his mind is chock full of information that's totally unrelated to whatever the telepath is looking for, no matter what that might be. And it takes very little for him to send himself on a mental tangent. Reading his mind to find out whether he knows something? Too bad, have a lecture on 19th-century artillery, or possibly moths.

Jehan Prouvaire finds the idea of telepathy done by a stranger or without consent to be outrageous and violating. But he thinks it's wonderful and romantic if done consensually between close friends or lovers. As for mental shields, he has no magical training. But his thoughts would be steeped in literary references, which might be hard to read. He's also more likely to randomly have a fit of feels about something that buries whatever the telepath is looking for.

Fantine would not like it, but is very straightforward and open and her thoughts are probably not hard to read.
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Charles is canonically one of the most powerful telepaths in his world and has incredibly strong shields. When he meets another telepath, he's amazed and happy because his power makes him feel lonely.

Most of mine haven't encountered telepaths in their canons so don't have shields.

Will Scarlett feels unsure about them, he was friends with Rachel Grey who made him more comfortable but the idea of betraying someone makes him wary.

Quentin, he would be worried as he has a lot of secrets but being able to know a lot about someone from reading their blood as that's what he does.

Moist would hate it as he likes what's in his head to stay there.

Ivan though he's from a far future world, telepaths don't seem to be a thing and he would work at boring them to prevent them from knowing secrets.

William hates the idea of anyone knowing his thoughts though he hasn't really had the experience of a telepath.

Jane doesn't like the idea of telepaths but hasn't had any negative experiences with them.

Sameth is used to being an open book so wouldn't be too concerned.

Demeter is difficult to read as she's a goddess and doesn't like people coming into her mind.

Tumnus doesn't know much about telepaths but he would be wary.
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Stay the fuck out of Tess' head. Using it on other people? Absolutely. Her shields are okay. The stronger the telepath the easier it would be to read her mind.

Kylo's kind of used to it? He definitely prefers to be the user. I'd say his shields are pretty good unless someone who is very strong with the Force is attempting.

Sikozu doesn't see the point.
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Anybody looking into Emcee's head is just going to find a lot of naked people so it's up to whoever's prying if they want to go deeper.
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Anybody who attempts to read Amascut's mind might as well be sticking their neck into a lioness' mouth. She is an actual danger to telepaths and she thinks they are extra yummy. She has a mind like a steel trap; there's no walls, only a lure promising the secrets of godhood and immortality. Well, no walls that aren't ruined and crumbling. Her mindscape is rather like a labyrinthine war-torn city.

Loud telepaths are just asking to be eaten. She despises hiveminds and will expend extra effort to tear them apart.

Fairy Fixit... she is wary of it. Part of her hatred for gods is due to what she suspects is mental and emotional mass manipulation of her species. Given what was revealed about the Zanarian Fairies recently, though, their "species" may be a mutualistic symbiosis of some sort of social swarming insect and a near-intelligent variety of Cordyceps fungi. Minor telepathy of some sort may be normal for them. She is unlikely to have mental shields but any telepath reading her runs the danger of acquiring an extra voice in their head. Not Fairy Fixit's own voice, of course; it would be more like an almost imaginary baby fairy daughter.

Evil Chicken is an offensively LOUD telepath.
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Eriond: Is totally comfortable--sorcerers use TP all the time--and has impervious shields except maybe to the Prophecy and his family.

Artoo: N/A

Evelyn: see Ysalwen's answer.

Lois: Not terribly comfortable! Has mediocre shielding, unless she has decided something is worth her life to protect, in which case--and this is canon--a telepath might be able to get it out of her brain but if she's in denial about it literally it would kill her to get to (like, say, a certain someone's identity).

Tavi: Not actually comfortable at all with having thoughts read. No, thanks. Also, emotions and thoughts are distinct cases with him. Emotions, when he chooses, he is 100% unreadable to anyone, up to and including the most powerful empaths in canon--and that's prior to magic of his own, so it's all him. I figure he has moderate telepathic shielding, can be broken, but he will feel if someone's trying and the result will not be pretty.

Anakin: Surprisingly not okay with people digging around in his brain. He's used to a certain amount of casual intent-reading between Force users, of course, but actually digging in his head is not okay. He's decently shielded--emotions and intentions will come through before explicit thoughts, which will take reaching for and he will feel that reach for sure. If he does not want you in, he will probably throw you out. Yoda and Palpatine might be able to avoid getting thrown out. Also, fighting him on this probably will activate a) his rage and b) all the power that goes with that, so just... don't try digging in Anakin's head. Nothing good comes of it. (And yes, he is a total hypocrite who will dig in others' heads. It's Anakin, what did you expect?)
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This guy insisted on answering for himself.

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I'm probably the only one of Austin's crew who's really comfortable with telepathy (it's one of the few supernatural powers that doesn't exist in the Soul Society, or in the human world attached to Ryûk's Shinigami-kai). A full answer to your second question would require me to explain how Inspired powers work back home in the Trinity Universe Continuum, such as he has just given to those of you lucky enough to be in crackchat. He doesn't feel like retyping it at this time, but will if someone specifically request it; until then, I think it'll suffice to say that my mental shields are, as the kids these days say, "hella strong." (I am, after all, the most powerful character in my home ficton at any time from 1922 through at least 2061.)
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Ibani has incredible mental shields. Is she didn't, she'd have been worse than dead years ago because her 'instructors' would have found her out. And she would take someone reading her thoughts...poorly. Very poorly. There are probably nasty traps in there for anyone who goes poking around. At least all the trauma her training put her through is good for something?

Intent reading, or reading of emotional states, she doesn't mind so much and uses herself all the time.