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Shout outs

This AU week is full of great stuff and a returning Milliwaysers too. I'm only listing three here, fill up the comments with what you're loving.

Ibani continues to be heartbreaking.

Star Wars as Star Trek with Hera, Kanan and Thrawn is so cool. I love this.

Succulent AU, I love that this happened.
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Thank you for the shout out! I have been having so much fun with AU week.
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Aw, thanks! Thank you to everyone who has helped a plant out.
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Shoutout to my canon mates for the Glam AU. It feels so rich we could do an entire game just based on this world.
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Right backatcha, mate! I want to fic this 'verse so much, I love it.

Though I may never forgive you for getting me hooked on Velvet Goldmine, omg. This bloody soundtrack. :D
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Man, I should really watch that again. It's been ages.
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I should really watch it again, it's been two days. It's killing me, I adore it. :D
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THIS. I am in love with it.
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Ain't gonna apologize for introducing you to something you're enjoying, mate.
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IT IS HELL AND I LOVE IT. Fucking Maxwell Demon. Fucking Brian. Fucking Curt, and the mess of him. Fucking fucking fucking how perfect that messed up relationship is. Ugh. So gross. I'm so into it. :D
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*cackles further*

Which reminds me, will you have time for another thread tomorrow? Today's my mother's birthday so I'm taking her out to dinner and don't expect to have time for threading, but I want to give Sherlock one more ridiculous outfit before AU week is over :D.
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Absolutely I will! It's the school holidays, I have lots of time for everything. So yep, hit me up when you want to play, and I'm there. :D
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Brilliant :D.
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Totally seconding the Ibani threads and the Succulent AU, but can I also shout out everything Mr. Tetu is doing? Priceless.