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Thursday DE

What are some of your character’s cheesiest--for lack of a better word--canon lines? Cheesy can be a lot of things, good and bad--bombastic, corny, clunky, earnest, facile, overwritten, overacted, over-the-top in one way or another… Does it make you cringe every time, or do you kind of love it?

(NB: I’m asking as someone whose character actually says “There is no stopping it! There is only…...THE WAR.”)
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I don't know if it counts as'cheesy', but I've always been very fond of little!Molly's line while beating her sister Nico's parents up.


Honourable mention.
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There's a moment in Cabaret when the Emcee introduces Sally Bowles to the audience. He lists all her attractive qualities, then tells this joke (I may be paraphrasing slightly): "Just backstage, I told her, 'I want you for my wife.' And she said, 'What would your wife want with me?'"

And just as you'd expect, it would fall flat and people would groan. But the Emcee actually played it up, like a bad comedian who knows he'd just dropped a bad joke, repeating the punch line sheepishly and awkwardly coaxing a bigger response out of the audience until we started clapping for him because he was being too adorable. And then he'd curtsey and go on with bringing Sally onstage.

Aww and now I miss seeing this show.
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Awwww, Emcee.
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Amascut drops a block of Limburger in her big reveal.

Lady Keli: "Crazy? You dare call me crazy? I am beautiful! I am powerful!"
Ozan: "Hey, don't get me wrong. I'd be the first to admit you're pretty statuesque... but you're one camel short of a caravan, and the whole psycho kidnapper thing really damages your appeal. Now give us the prince!"
Lady Keli: "I'll pop your limbs from their sockets! I'll strip the flesh from your bones! I'll devour your SOUL! I'm not crazy! I am a goddess! I AM AMASCUT!"

Not really helping the whole "I am not crazy, stop calling me crazy," argument. That whole bit of dialogue was cheesy, though. Almost as if it comes from a game aimed at children! (Though the developers go through fits of "noooo, this is a serious game that addresses serious topics!" occasionally)
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Logging into this account for the first time in, like, a year, just to say...



[bows, exits back into hiatus land]
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Unhand me, brigand!

You know I had to. The best is both Anakin's and Ahsoka's reaction to the line. (Bonus awkward: Anakin flirting with the Zygerrian Queen.)
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Which is more awkward: Anakin fake flirting or Anakin actually legit attempting to flirt?

Asking because I don't want to rewatch the relevant movie to answer this question.
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Or the writers making an ex-slave flirt with a slaver?

To try and answer your question, Anankin does seem more smooth in this scene than he did when he was interested in the flirting getting results; i.e. impressing Padme.
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The scene where Henry V is talking Katherine into marrying him is deliberately full of cheesy lines of course (and Katherine isn't having any of his "An angel is like you, and you are like an angel" BS). But for whatever reason my favorite cheese is when he's doing the visiting-the-camp-in-disguise bit and tells someone his name is Harry Le Roy. (sadly, whenever i've tried this in milliways FOR SOME STRANGE REASON no one is taken in. and no one asks if it's a cornish name.)

...And then there's basically everything Loki says ever, in MCU. But especially "There is only THE WAR."
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The whole damn thing.

My favourite is from an outtake reel, when he asks a preist "how many drugs are you on?"
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you're so welcome
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Baze doesn't actually get that many lines in canon. But his and Chirrut's banter can be said to be bombastic. Like these zingers:

Baze: There are no Jedi here anymore. Only dreamers like this fool.
Chirrut: The Force did protect me.
Baze: I protected you.

Chirrut: You almost shot me.
Baze: You're welcome.

There is a lot more banter in the Guardians of the Whills novel, but I'll add that later as it's not in front of me right now.
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For Kingdom Hearts Chi and its tie-ins, there's a relatively high amount of cheese, but nothing and nobody in it is ever going to be able to top the Master of Masters.
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Honorable mentions:

a) Arguably most lines Lucas wrote. Not just this guy's. Anyone's.
b) Every time someone goes "Nooooo!" (this guy included). Except maybe Obi-wan, McGregor's a good actor.
c) Does Anakin ever say, "I have a bad feeling about this?" That line in general, not just from this guy.
d) Literally every time in the OT that Vader talks about the Force.
e) ... literally any time in the OT Vader talks, arguably.

And the prize goes to:
I refuse to link to it. I love you all too much for that. I cannot believe I'm even going to open my mouth about it. Still, since you asked:


I will never speak of this again.
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‘’Stupid sand. it gets everywhere!’’
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What, I was agreeing with you! (Pup voice)
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.... really, I get that his name has to be said aloud for the power of it but it's genuinely the worst villain name ever, and the whole thing doesn't flow off the tongue exactly well. Rae's internal monologue had remarked earlier in the novel that Beauregard sounds like the name of your favorite sheepdog rather than the name of a master vampire.
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I'll damage you if you don't shut up.

Maybe? I'm honestly having trouble remembering a cheesy line of Sabine's, but I may be biased.
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[personal profile] touched_by_fire 2017-08-17 06:22 pm (UTC)(link) the Iron Fist.
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*and in that moment, we were all Luke Cage*

(Though at some point, Rae and Danny should totally meet.)
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I would be up for this! (I love Danny in all his cheesy, problematic glory. (Pets the pup))

And d'oh, I forgot the immortal part of his line. He just says Iron Fist a few times, but the immortal Iron Fist is what really makes it.
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It totally is!

And they should absolutely meet. I'm still working on adult!Sunshine's OOMs, where she's dealing with some In-World stuff, but demon-hunter AU!Rae is around this week, and little!Rae is generally available too.
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I'll see if he's around tomorrow. I have too many threads to wrap up today. = ]
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I didn't have spoons or time today, but it occurs to me that it might be fun to have Danny meet AU Rae before meeeing canon Rae for the lols later. Thoughts? Which is to say I could tag in for slows until next week when I might be able to do more regular play.
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Danny meeting AU!Rae would be great! I'm always up for slowtime, as it seems to be where RL requires me to live lately. Sorry the day turned out short of spoons. Mine was just about there, too.
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I don't know if you're still up for it, but Rae's late AU-week post from the 18th is still open for tags.
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[personal profile] bjornwilde 2017-08-24 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, yes! Thank you for the reminder. I will tag in once I've had breakfast. = ]
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Pretty much everything Jim says and does is an example of bombastic OTT brilliance. I love a l l o f i t. :D

 photo Gif - Break Free_zpsfa7zpp1c.gif

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There's definitely a reason he and Loki get on so well. :D
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Jim: everything for you, bb. <3
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This moment: Sherlock, high, just woken up, and mad at John.

Behind-the-scenes says they went with the take that made the crew laugh the most.
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This scene was perfection. He is such a drama queen. :D
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And that's why he's fun!
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Presented for your consideration: Yusuke's first speaking appearance in canon. (It's worth noting that Ann says for several days leading up to this that she thinks someone's been watching her.)

This is also the kid who, on being interrupted by a monster when going to a monster-infested place looking for artistic inspiration, says 'I shall cut you down for interrupting my work!' And reacts very positively to the protag offering to strip for him until he remembers they're in a church and that may not go over so well.

(And then there's the nude-modeling debacle, which is Really Weird next to the rest of his characterisation, but I think I've untangled plausible reasons for it - it's before he escaped his mentor, who probably put him up to it, and he thought it'd keep the others from coming back and getting into trouble.)