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Friday DE: Whose shirt do you wear?

At the tail end of AU week, I'm stealing an idea fractalmuses shared with me on Discord. 

If your pup were to be in a Star Wars AU, what would their role be? Or what if it were a Star Trek AU instead? Would they be in Starfleet? If so, what branch: command, operations, or sciences?
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Star Trek AU:

Tess and Sikozu would be in Starfleet in the sciences. Tess in biologies and Sikozu probably in translation/linguistics.

Kylo would not be in Starfleet. He'd be on his own causing trouble.

Rose... probably wants to be in Starfleet but she wouldn't pass the psych eval.
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The Guardians would totally accept Danny.
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Oh, hey, no worries. There will always be threads!
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Cool, we're looking forward to it.
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Star Wars AU:

I could definitely see both Sahaal and Sevatar being in a Rebel Commando unit. Probably one working pretty far out on the Outer Rim, where they could harass the Empire using tactics that Command might not approve of for ethical reasons.

Actually, I take it back. I could see all three of my pups as Rebel Commandoes, especially Artyom.
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In the Star Wars universe YT would be part of a crew of smugglers who gets reluctantly dragged into the conflict with the Empire.

In the Star Trek universe she wouldn't be in Starfleet at all. She'd be with the Maquis.
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Eriond: In SW: something like Bendu. Or else That Of Which We Do Not Speak (Mortis arc). In ST: something like Q continuum, but actually nice.

Evelyn: SW: probably Jedi, constantly screwed. ST: Science.

Lois: SW: Civilian who ends up fighting the Empire after nosing around its secrets. Probably friends with Leia and/or Sabine and/or Ahsoka. ST: No effing clue what she does with her life, would not be Starfleet because her dad is and there's a THING, but generally havoc-causing.

R2: ST: Ops. AU: Mastermind moving all the pieces around constantly (wait that might not be AU...)

Anakin: ST: Command, right up until he has a psychotic break and goes rogue. AU of his own world: NOT A FREAKING DUMBASS.

Tavi: In ST, definitely Starfleet, definitely command, may end up running the Federation and being great at drawing in new planets and species. Also at fighting not!Zerg. . . . look he literally does this in canon.

..... yeah, sorry, you can blame all this on me. Oops.

Star Wars!Tavi, which I would have actually done this week if I hadn't been so hosed I just couldn't: Toss the worldbuilding of SW, the Alera characters, and the plots of both into a blender and see what the freck comes out. Either it just replaces the PT/OT timelines or else is at some random point in previous Republic days, I have no idea. Because as it turns out Tavi happens to be a semi-orphaned farm boy of a family with enormous power and with an interest in mechanics who comes into his own enormous power later than he should have, who gets surprised at who a parent is at about 22, and goes through a fair amount of growth under stress including during a civil war, and ends up the one left to piece a bunch of broken pieces together. No, seriously, Tavi is Luke Skywalker. Without the whiny and with way more military and brains--although also way less forgiveness in him, but still.

If Tavi were in Star Wars, he'd be an alternate of Luke. Thus the "scrap all the plots of both" syndrome. There are just some Hero Archetypes out there he fits.

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Sariel: *waves casually* XD
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I like this question as some of the first fanfic I ever wrote was for Star Trek and now Star Wars has sucked me in.

Let's see, Cassian would either be Security in Starfleet or on a planet they meet for an episode about the complicated problems of what happens after a war. A character like Kira or Ensign Ro that doesn't really fit with the Starfleet world view but wants to. Its just that they've been hurt by war.

Quentin would be in Ops and headed for command, trained for it since he's young and good at it. In Star Wars, oh he would be on a planet that has a long monarch history that's trying to stay out from under the Empire's thumb and doesn't want to get pulled into the Rebellion, a Hera type character.

Charles would be a science officer in Starfleet and a scientist with connections to someone like Bail Organa in Star Wars. He starts out trying to change the system from within until he meets Erik, an angry Rebel, maybe not even a Rebel, I could see Erik as more like a Partisan. Then everything gets complicated and violent but they work towards change.

Sameth would be in engineering from a family with a long history of command and security. In Star Wars, the Old Kingdom would be another planet with its own stuff to deal with but who would end up with the Rebellion. Sameth would again be an engineering who soups up ships and makes really badass weapons.

William, hm, his brother would be in Starfleet and I don't know about him. His canon is really based on injustice and inequality, that's hard to fit into Star Trek. Star Wars is easier, most of the plot works with changing it over to the Empire holding the debts, Ben Wade as a criminal and different weapons, still awful.

Ivan's from a sci-fi canon to start with so he's trickier for this one. He's Ops in his own canon which would map onto Starfleet. Star Wars, Barrayar would definitely be a planet like Mandalore trying to stay in control, doing some invading of their own and fighting off anyone who gets in their way.

Moist in both canons would be in cantinas and bars scamming money out of people.

Will S. is easier to fit in Star Wars where Nottingham and Robin and everything work as a planet in crisis. They end up with the Rebellion while the Sheriff sides with the Empire. Star Trek is trickier as like William and Cassian, the heart of his canon is the kind of thing Star Trek tries to fix.

Demeter, she's kind of herself. I could see her as an avatar of the Force in Star Wars and well herself in Star Trek.

Tumnus in both Star Trek and Star Wars is an alien trying to do his best with Narnia as a planet with the White Witch as a controlling ruler.

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Take or leave any and all of this lot, Fi. I'm pondering here, but they're not my pups, so it's absolutely not my call. I'm just thinking. :)

William Evans could be Maquis, or a Dorvan V colonist with Maquis connections or sympathies, if not an outright member of the same?

Security officer Will is an intriguing idea. Sariel agrees. :) As far as equality and injustice go, Sisko had a point about issues absolutely existing even if poverty/chaos/injustice were not present on *Earth*. I can see Will empathizing with the Bajorans before the occupation's end; Ro's line about 'The replicator was just a bonus. the blankets helped.' comes to mind; I can see Trekverse!Will doing that sort of thing, small-scale relief, whenever his ship was nearish Bajor. Post the occupation... could he end up on DS9? *musing musing*

Not as if proper Milli!Will hasn't already *seen* DS9... XD :D
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Oh yes, those all make sense and I have no idea if Will's seen DS9. Also at some point, I'd love Sariel to meet Cassian. He's very loud but I did toss Hogwarts AU flying out back.
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Garnet: In Star Wars AU, she would end up fairly high up in the Rebel Alliance. She'd be Force-sensitive but wholly disinclined to avoid attachments. (Alternatively, she'd be a Sith and an Imperial stormtrooper in loooooooove).

In Star Trek AU, she'd be Starfleet command, for sure (again, unless she was a science officer and a security officer in loooove).

Brienne: In Star Wars AU, she'd be a Jedi Knight for sure. In Star Trek, she'd be Starfleet operations--a security officer.

Fantine: In Star Wars AU, she would, unfortunately, be an ordinary civilian in debt on Tatooine who sold herself into some form of slavery to benefit her daughter.

In Star Trek, which is a lovely and optimistic 'verse, she gets to be an ornithology specialist of some kind (she likes birds). She takes care of the birds in wildlife refuge or something. She's probably not part of Starfleet, but if she is, she is studying birds discovered on new planets.

Combeferre: In Star Wars, he's a Force user, but I can't see him being a Jedi (maybe an ex-Jedi), and of course he's part of the Rebel Alliance, or the Resistance if it's TFA-era.

In Star Trek, he's Chief Medical Officer. He's also command, and has reached the rank of full commander.

Jehan Prouvaire: similar to Combeferre for Star Wars, except his Force powers tend towards Force visions and are very strong, and he would be particularly incensed at some of the Jedi strictures.

In Star Trek, he's...probably not Starfleet, as he'd prefer to focus on the arts. But I could see him being in the sciences division in Starfleet. He's not particularly science-y in his canon, but I can see him getting captivated by exploration in Star Trek AU.
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Sinric - Trek: Science. A linguistics specialist. Wars: A force sensitive wanderer during the post purge era. Not a Jedi but someone who helps force sensitive children to manage and hide their abilities. Keeping them safe.

Jay - Trek: he was trained in Starfleet as a security officer but left after a near death experience. Now he freelances. Wars: straight up smuggler!

Bodhi: a shuttle pilot for away missions. Sadly, a classic red shirt.