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Similar to the logic puzzle, it's been a few years since we've had a post on how to search through community tags with html. Here's a refresher course, with some additional information given that I've learned some new tricks.

Let's talk about fun things we can do with tags! A lot of you probably know this already, but you can narrow posts down by more than one pup. Like so:


So for example, if I wanted posts tagged by, say, Autor, Sunshine, and Lohengrin I'd work it like so:


There's also ?mode=or, which is any thread tagged with Autor OR Sunshine OR Lohengrin... which is a hell of a lot of threads. I think the default is ?mode=or if you don't specify a mode.

Remember to use %22 for quotation marks, otherwise the html gets fussy.

But! What if the bar is doing that weird error thing again? It was pointed out earlier that the html for getting around that is milliways-bar.dreamwidth.org/?style=mine. But did you know that you can also search through tags in your own style? You can!

Use this: milliways-bar.dreamwidth.org/?style=mine&tag=autor

Unfortunately, while a second pup only requires the & (for example, &rae+%22sunshine%22+seddon for Sunshine), I haven't found a way to search through only Autor and Rae's threads. The & symbol brings up both their tags.

But wait, there's more! What if people don't have a tag? You can search by journal name for all the posts they've posted, but not tagged into. Still, it's convenient.

Use this: milliways-bar.dreamwidth.org/?style=mine&poster=herr-bookman to find all posts by Autor, under the journal name herr-bookman.

All of these tag and username searches apply to any community. Simply replace milliways-bar.dreamwidth.org with ways-back-room.dreamwidth.org to search the back room.

Have fun!
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Your HTML-fu is strong! Thanks for the instructions.