Teja son of Tagila
15 February 2017 @ 12:00 pm
 Where is home for your charrie, and can they still go there?
15 February 2017 @ 11:40 pm
I've been traveling a lot and I think I've missed my own Milliversary. I always forget when in February it was but I have a feeling it will be when I'm in the midst of moving next week. So here I'm going to say that its been nine years since I brought Will Scarlett in and since then I've acquired friends, headvoices and a lot of happiness. Thank you for being with me, Milliways through all the ups and downs.

Now for shout outs as the Bar is quietly busy.

Guppy tries to understand how best to deal with ripples of dealing with Jim.

Abigail and Raven are wonderful and then Abigail connects with her past and another world.

Molly runs Happy Hour and its wonderful to see her around.

Now share what you've been loving and finished.