15 March 2017 @ 11:17 am
Morning all! By kind permission of Maru, I bring to you a Midweek Guest DE:

What strange devilry has Milliways committed in your brain? Are there mental associations or assumptions that you always make because of this game which would be completely bizarre or nonsensical to a non-player?

I'll start:
- Matt Bellamy is not the lead singer of Muse but in fact a ridiculous hotshot space pilot. (Hi Wes!)

- The correct lyrics to a certain famous Nineties pop hit are "And I said what about//Breakfast at Milliways". As I discovered at a club last weekend when it played and I sang the correct improved lyrics...

- When very stressed, I repeat to myself the mantra of "All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well... timezones permitting." (I saw it on someone's icon back in the LJ days and it stuck.)

- "Let us not go to X... it is a silly place" is not a Monty Python reference, it's a Millicon motto. (And 'try not to die' is not a Runaways battlecry, but ditto.)

- "Dropped a house on her" doesn't recall The Wizard of Oz, but Puck and Blodwen, cariad.
Shinatose Izana
15 March 2017 @ 07:48 pm
With season 01 of Izana's canon officially done now, things are going to be changing for them. My plans for the next bit of Izana's canon might be problematic for those who do not fall on the gender binary, and so I'd like to offer a chance for any communication you might wish to offer, as well as a description of what is going to be happening for Izana.

There are spoilers for season 02 of Knights of Sidonia, in the link, and talk of a non-binary person adjusting to changes in their body. I tried my best to not be offensive or thoughtless in my words, but feel it's only fair to warn you since I have no idea what your life experiences are.
15 March 2017 @ 11:22 pm
I hope all East Coasters survived the storm without too many problems. I'm loving what's going on with IMDB flu and hope to add my own to the mix soon.

Elrond as Agent Smith is great, I love the icon.

Loki or Harry Monmouth continues to be funny and heartbreaking all at once, Thor needs all the hugs.

Dave Strider isn't happy to see Milliways.

There's a lot more great stuff I could highlight but I turn it over to you guys.