Okay but what about plant daemons? “How does that work,” you ask me, and I shrug because do I look like someone who has thought this through? But suppose everyone has a daemon, as per His Dark Materials, but it’s a plant that starts growing when someone is born. IDK, you’re born with a magic seed, it’s magic. It's not as restricted as the daemons in Lyra's universe: you can get a few miles away from it, say as many as four or five, and small plants can of course be potted up and transplanted. If your daemon is an oak tree or a saguaro cactus, you’re pretty well stuck, without some very complicated and expensive and dangerous tricks. (Which I'm sure people would manage pretty often; I'm sure there would be people who would ostentatiously travel the country with their birch tree in a fancy trailer or something. SOUL ON BOARD bumper stickers and all.)

Soooo what kind of plant daemon does your character have, and how’s that working out for them?