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The Great Milli-Census 2015

Phase One of the Census is now complete!
Thank you so much for your participation and patience.

We're now moving onto Phase Two, in which we'll tackle actually building the Cast List as well as straightening up the overall Community Member List. 

 I filled out the Census! Why can't I see my entry on the Cast List?

First off, thank you so much for participation in the Census! 
Secondly, there's a really good reason why your information doesn't yet appear on the Cast List: because we haven't put it there yet. All entries on the Cast List are hand-keyed directly into the html table itself, and transcription takes time. 

At the moment the current plan is to have the Cast List populated with all the collected information by September 1st.

I didn't fill out the Census, and now for some reason I've lost the ability to post to the Comm. What gives?

The only characters allowed to play in Milliways are characters who are on our Cast List...which at the moment consists of the Cast List and the Census data collected during July. So I've gone through and removed posting access for anyone who isn't on either list.

Reinstatement is easy, respond to this post with your Character Name (journal name), and I'll add them back. You will then have until September 1st, 2015 to fill out the newly Re-opened Census form.

Failure to fill out the form will result in your character being dropped from the game entirely, meaning you'll have to re-apply to the game to play, and will have to wait until the next open App Cycle to do so. 

Extenuating Circumstances will be taken into consideration.

I did fill out the Census, and now for some reason I've lost the ability to post to the Comm. What's up with that?! totally a keying error on our part, and we'll fix it in a jiff. Just add your Character Name (journal name) to the thread down below...and um...sorry about that.

I requested a Retirement for a character of mine during the Census, and just got this weird email asking that I confirm that selection. What's up with that?

It was brought to our attention that keying errors were made during submission, so we're just doing some pre-transcription QA. Just respond to the email as instructed before September 1st, 2015 and you'll be good.

I requested a Retirement for a character of mine, but...wait, what's this about a weird email? I didn't get one of those.

That would be a keying error on MY part. Shoot an email to the milliways.apps [at] gmail address confirming your selection, and we'll go from there.

If you're unsure whether you should be choosing Retirement or Deletion for a character you no longer wish to play, choose Deletion.
The only difference between the two is Retirement means no one else can play that character, where as Deletion means that only your Milli-Canon/Milli-History version of that character is out of the playable character pool. 

I have some other question regarding what's going on!

Leave that question in the comments, and we'll do our very level best to answer it!

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