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Mod Post: Where do we go from here?

Hiya Folks!

Another Status update for you. Ready?

Let's jam.


The Great Milli-Census 2015 is over and Cast List is nigh-on complete.

If your character isn't on the Cast List, you have until Midnight EDT tonight to fix that.

Exceptions to this include people with outstanding Retirement Confirmation Requests, or people who have Retirements confirmed but haven't rejoined the Main Comm with those characters.


Barring some last-minute-in-the-clutch additions, the Great Milli-Purge of 2015 will begin around midnight tonight (EDT).

This means that any character not on the Cast List will be open for application come the opening of the App cycle tomorrow. It's been our policy that the First To App has first claim over a character, but for this month only we're giving priority to any players wishing to reclaim characters washed out by the Milli-Purge.

To help with this we won't be processing any Apps until the close of this App Cycle on the 10th of September.

Also, our Cast List wasn't the only thing that got rebuilt during the last month. There are subtle tweaks to our How To App guide, as well as a Great Big Gigantic Overhaul of our FAQ.

Please give them a careful read at your first earliest convenience.


The Contact List is in a Shambles, and will likely remain that way for a little while longer. But it is on the To Do list of impending Game Related Administrationy Things right next to updating our Plotting/RP Comm registry and finding/creating a new "How To Play" image for the Main Comm profile.
(The little broken img link tasks me. IT TASKS ME!)

I think that might be everything.
Please leave questions in the comments below.

Thank you again for all of your patience!


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