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Shout outs

It's rainy and foggy here and Milliways is full of old and new friends. I'm going to hit some highlights but share what you've been tracking and finishing.

Gabriel Tam returns to Milliways with hopeful news and Galadan prepares for a new step.

Barry starts to figure out this heroing job.

A sparring match between two Guardians and a Sith, I love the enthusiasm of everyone in this thread.
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Thanks for the shout out! Baze is out of practice, and thus getting his ass handed to him. It's been a lot of fun.
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Thank you for the shout-out! They will probably all be sore tomorrow.
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Thank you! They'll be the ones in the corner popping aspirin like it's candy. :)
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Thanks for the shout out!

I wanna pimp Jay's EP. Each thread give me the feels for different reasons. <3

In finished Slowtime land I wrapped these three long going threads this week:

Matt and Sunshine have a conversation about her going home.

Barry and Yamato talk hero stuff and terrible superhero names.

And Barry and Steve Rogers go for a run and Steve gives Barry Allen a hero pep talk.

Big thanks to the muns who rolled along with me through these slowtimed threads and put up with the vanishing act I pulled when I was struck down with the ick and yuck of being sick last week. Much love, y'all!
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Thanks for pimping Jay's EP! I adored Matt and Sunshine, and admit to stalking that thread.
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<3! Thank you! That thread was a lot of fun.
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Oh man, when Sam meets Barry he's going to have to offer him $20 to go running with Steve again and say "On Your Left" every time passes him. ; P
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Doooooo iiiiiiiiit.
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Definitely in the long range plan. First sam needs to meet Barry and second, he needs to discover his powers. But if yes, it will happen. And happen again if we ever get a Black Panther.
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Sam's running joke. No pun intended.
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I wonder if he could get Wonder Wiman in on it.

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If every super in the bar starts doing that to Steve I think I might die of giggling.
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But it's such a good pun!
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Aw, thanks.
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Thank you for the shout-out! I'm really enjoying catching up on all the threads mentioned here. :)