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Wednesday DE -- One free shot

Sorry, l was hunting viruses, so the DE is late.

Your character gets one free unpunished shot to kill off one person. Who is the victim?
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A couple of mine wouldn't take the shot no matter the lack of punishment; Charles, Tumnus and Moist definitely, Sameth probably not as he'd feel that death, if the Old Kingdom needed it, then yes, but he'd be wary.

Quentin wouldn't because taking another Fae's life is the greatest crime a Fae can commit, using elf-shot to send them on a hundred-year sleep, that's another matter.

Cassian wants to know what are the restrictions on the shot and point out that there's always a price exacted for killing, but if he could line everything up to insure the politics worked, he'd take out the Emperor.

William also wants more details, but the ones he would have considered killing are either already dead like Charlie Prince or complicated like Ben Wade.

Will, at this point doesn't have as much of a need to take anyone down but earlier in canon, he would have taken on the Sheriff.

Ivan's actually fairly well protected by his own government if he ended up needing to kill someone but he'd only use a shot like that if Gregor ordered him. Assassinations have a way of making politics messy even though they seem simple.

Demeter is pointing out that death is far too nice a punishment for some people.

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I don't think any of mine would do this. I can maybe see Sabine choosing the Emperor or Gar Saxon, but then that would create a power vacuum and that could be just as bad as the present situation.

Sam could maybe choose Brock Rumlow, but I don't think Sam a)knows he's alive and b)is still active with HYDRA.

ETA: Looking at canon, I don't think the Jedi, and thus Ahsoka, need the get out of jail free card to kill. I question if the Jedi even have a review board when a death occurs in the course of their duties. I mean, I'm sure the Counsel will take an interest if it happens too much, but legally, there doesn't seem to be anything stopping Jedi from killing.
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They really don't seem to. There are points when the kind of killing seems considered like when Anakin stabbed the guy who was messing with Obi-Wan and Satine. They both were arguing about killing him and then Anakin went swoop, as they care but it never seems actually laid out.
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Or when Ahsoka was captured by Deathwatch and she killed like five without a second thought. Such a great kids show! ; p

ETA: I do think that killing of Anakin's was more to show how easy it was for him to do it as a solution. And perhaps a metaphor for how ineffectual the Jedi as whole were at that time.
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Eriond, Lois (teen Lois especially), and Tavi would not take that shot. The only people Tavi would consider it for (Sarl, Kalarus and his son, Invidia, the Vord Queen) are all dead. Heck, two of those he killed himself in battle. He doesn't want to have to kill more.

Evelyn does not currently have anyone she wants to kill that badly. Eventually? Corypheus. Or maybe Samson, but Corypheus is more pressing. ... and then, you know, she would have to wrestle with the question of if she'd want to use that up on [spoiler jackass spoiler].

R2-D2: Palpatine. If he hadn't gone and mucked things up, none of any of the three trilogies would have happened. R2 would like to just go back in time, assassinate Palpatine right after he kills Plagueis, and be done with it. Maybe then his family can get a happy ending.

Anakin: During the Clone Wars? Dooku. Oh wait, he gets to do that, doesn't he. For Vader? Obi-wan. Oh wait, he gets to do that, too. Welp. Force Ghost Anakin wants to kill Snoke as painfully as he can manage. Sadly, he's not allowed to interfere anymore.

But also, as Don notes, Jedi don't seem to get punished for killing in the regular course of their duty. Vader certainly never does. So, you know. Killbot.
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I'd say the person who killed Chirrut, but Baze already shot him, so...

Probably Emperor Palpatine, whose Empire made the boys' lives miserable for nineteen years and eventually killed them.
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I'm not sure any of mine would want to.

In Yamato and Gabumon's case, everyone they'd want to kill is semi-dead anyway, either by theirs, Taichi and Agumon's, or Takeru and Patamon's hands. If any of them were to return, then it being unpunished wouldn't have much of a point, because they're all Digimon and there's no legal system to punish them there anyway.

In Eden's case, there's nobody he wants to kill, and I can't see him ever wanting to kill anyone -- but even if he did, unless they were another keyblader, I can't imagine he'd be punished, because Foreteller Gula wouldn't care that much. If he was in Vulpes, Unicornis, or Anguis, which probably take a sterner view on this, it'd be different, but he's not.

(Although 'kill' is relative in this case, given what keyblades do to living things.)

For Hawke, there's an escaped blood mage named Quentin who, if Hawke had foreknowledge of what he'll do, he'd try to kill in a heartbeat (whether he'd be punished or not) -- but by the time Hawke knows that that would be a swell idea, it's about six minutes off from Hawke killing him anyway.
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I've been thinking about this since it went up this morning. Because, hmm.

Well, Jim practically has this with Wilford anyway. There's a permission slip at the bar for him to have one free shot. But if he had a choice of anyone...I don't even know that he'd take it. The whole point of choosing a life of crime, for him, is that you have to outwit the law if you want to stay free. It's a game that he uses to give himself something to do, and prove his superiority. The idea of a free shot is meh, to him.

On the other hand, there's a different kind of scot-free. Once Sherlock runs into the events of His Last Vow, I think Jim would quite like a repercussion-free shot to take care of Mary. And by no repercussions, I mean he'd like Sherlock not to hate him for doing it. He doesn't need help in getting away with the crime itself.

So yeah, that.
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Aang: Seeing as he had that chance, and still didn't take it, I'm going to say no one.

Bumi: I think he'd have gone after Zaheer, prior to canon, and certainly Amon during.

Splinter: Oroku Saki. Because then his sons could have been only his sons, and not his instruments of revenge.

Raph: If Raph wants you dead, you kind of find yourself dead.

Mike: I can't think of a person Mike would be willingly gunning for.
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Anyone at any time? Like...if he could go back in time?

Bumi would totally obliterate himself to take out Sozin.
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Sahaal would definitely use his shot to kill Krieg Acerbus before he became a Daemon Prince.
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Tess would take out Lex. And get it right this time.

Kylo is already gunning for Luke and doesn't expect to be punished for it, so there's that.

Sikozu is of the opinion that killing any one Scarran - even if it's the Emperor - isn't going to do much in the long run, so she takes out no one.
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Sam - there's a few he'd consider, but if Medusa didn't fancy doing it herself he'd totally off Poseidon on her behalf. He's been hoping to get the chance at doing that for years.

Young Molly would never dream of killing anyone. Older!Moll wouldn't be interested unless the offer came with a time machine.

McGonagall would go for Voldemort, of course. But she'd do her damnedest to make sure Umbridge was collateral.

Raoul - depends when in his canon you ask him. He wouldn't have minded a consequence-free crack at Roger, though.

Coulson - Loki, and/or whoever was directly responsible for getting blood on those trading cards.

Beref has no interest whatsoever in such an offer.

If Victoria wants to kill someone that badly and get away with it, they're dead. She has no need of the offer.

War just laughs and laughs and laughs.
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Honestly, most of mine don't believe in the basic concept here, one way or another. So:

Enjolras: HAHAHAHA nope. I mean, he'd kill a person if he really felt it was necessary, sure, but whether or not he'd be punished for it really doesn't enter into the equation. He would, in fact, be insulted by the very suggestion. (This is the guy who executed someone for very clear-cut and pragmatic reason on a barricade -- in the middle of a massed attempt to overthrow the government, surrounded by other people also trying to overthrow the government -- and publicly condemns himself for it. Enjolras believes in a lot of things, but the rule of law is actually one of them, as long as that law is just and equal.)

So, uh, yeah. He's not taking the shot. If he takes it, it will be unrelated to the question of punishment, and odds are he'll go turn himself in afterwards anyway.

Thor: isn't as hung up on all this as Enjolras, in part because he spends a good bit of time in realms where he doesn't really consider the local authority to apply to him except insofar as courtesy demands he be polite about it, but he's still pretty Lawful Honorable Good in his soul. He wouldn't feel any need to turn himself in, and he wouldn't likely agonize about it later. But he'd still be scornful of the idea of a free unpunished shot. JUDGMENTS OF HONOR AND RIGHT STILL APPLY, THANK YOU. He'll take a shot when he feels it's necessary, and stand any consequences that happen (with... some caveats there), and if he doesn't feel it's necessary he won't take it.

Cosette is horrified by the very idea. She doesn't want to kill anyone! No, thank you!

I don't say she couldn't do it, though it would require very specific and desperate circumstances. And she would probably be more inclined than either of my two previous to cover it up and do her best to forget about it, instead of going YES I DID THAT. But she has no current desire to at all, neither in general nor in specific.

...And then there's Doctor Dinosaur. Who also scoffs at the entire premise, but in his case it's because he kills people all the time, HE IS A CUNNING PREDATOR OF THE JUNGLE, YOUR MAMMAL LAWS CANNOT PUNISH HIM. YOU CAN'T GIVE HIM A SHOT, HE ALREADY HAS ALL OF THEM, AND YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY, SO THERE.

Kazul is my only one who would take the offer. But she totally would! There's a treaty between the wizards and the dragons for most of her canon which prevents her from eating any of them, even if they're being really annoying, without solid proof that they broke the treaty first. But if she had the chance to eat Zemenar and/or Antorell, the two most personally obstreperous wizard antagonists in her canon, without messy political repercussions, she would do so in a heartbeat and with great satisfaction.
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X would kill Jim. In a heartbeat.