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Shout outs

Happy Star Wars Day eve and here's to 40 years of nerf herders, smugglers and princesses who rule over it all!

Bonehead is finally returned.

Hal wants to hunt dragons, Ysalwen is dubious.

War enters and finds some who know her well. I can't wait to see what happens next with her.

Now what are you reading and what have you finished writing?
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Thanks for the shout-out! Though, hah, it's more like "Hal jokes about hunting dragons, Ysalwen is like YO I GOT YOUR DRAGONS RIGHT HERE LET'S DO THIS."
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Thanks for the shout! Jim cannot believe he is now stuck with that mutt, but it serves him right. :D

My favourite recent thread is Molly and Wilford, because looool omg, Molly you are adorable, and no girl, no, stop drinking that wine your choices what are they even.
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*cackle* Jim thinks it's going to end...awesomely. :D