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Thursday DE: wanna change my clothes my hair my face

In honor of me finally getting around to scheduling a danged haircut (...approximately a year later than I meant to): Does your character change up their look a lot? Or do they pretty much stick to one presentation?
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Jim changes clothes, and hair, and demeanour based on whatever face he needs to present at any given time. This is rarely too extreme, because body language and speech are the major components of a competent disguise anyway. Act a certain way, and the cosmetic changes only have to fit a basic design.

When he's just being himself, he doesn't change much because, as he sees it, why mess with perfection? His hair is sometimes a bit longer, but always elegantly styled, and his clothes will be impeccable whether they're business or smart casual. He often dresses to fit his mood, which means clothes get changed a lot, but they'll always be of a type. Stylish, expensive, etc. The only time he doesn't care about his presentation is when he's having an episode, but only one person will ever likely see that, so eh.
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There is a bit of debate in fandom about how often a curse Amascut's former priestesses forces her to completely change the body she is inhabiting, not just her clothes. I am in the camp that says she is just playing along with the curse and that the curse "happened" so long ago that the actual details are lost to time and forgetfulness and the effects wore off, if there ever were any at all.

But anyway, she is both fashion conscious and a master of disguise. She changes her look all the time, and that is not just her clothes or hair.

Fairy Fixit forgets to take her work clothes off to relax.
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Poirot's sense of style was formed around 1915 and stayed there. Which worked reasonably well in the 20s and 30s, but in books set after WWII it was increasingly silly. (Christie compounded her mistake of making Poirot an old man by having all the books be set in her present. The TV show rectifies this.)

TV's Cyborg, like all the Teen Titans, forever has the same design. Comic book Cy has a fairly iconic look but one that has undergone many, many changes over the past 35+ years, ranging from something close to the cartoon to no robot parts at all. I will someday pick one of the other versions of his look and upgrade him.

Swamp Thing can be pretty much any plant, with his looks changing accordingly. He's even grown horns of branch and wings of leaves. But a lot of artists revert to the Bernie Wrightson original, a creature of the swamps who body is encrusted with much and mold. I really prefer not to play him that way.
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Eriond: not really. Doesn't think about it.

Lois: Yes and no? She certainly changes outfits a lot, and sometimes dresses to an occasion, but she's pretty much City Girl Slightly Off-Beat (like, combat boots and plaid skirt, not quite goth tops, just... cheeky).

Evelyn: Will mostly change her look based upon "what has the best armor class and least encumbrance? Which staff is best suited to my casting and has the highest DPS? Which accessories give the best bonuses?" I mean, uh, based upon style and utility.

Tavi: For years he had varying kinds of uniform, and spent about four years in military uniform and armor constantly. Basically no change at all. These days he still doesn't vary much; he might not be in uniform but it's pretty basic Red And Blue for any occasion he has to be First Lord for something, and sometimes just plain linen or something. More flexibility around but yeah, generally not-quite-uniform, usually red and blue, and fancy fabrics only for formal events.

R2-D2: Sometimes parts change hue a little bit! Or get old. Or whatever. Not nearly as extreme as 3PO's entire limb changes.

Anakin: lolnope. Uniforms with varying degrees of unchangeable. Plus he's really always had a taste for dark colors.
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Ahsoka: Throughout the Clone Wars, she didn't change clothing all that much (aside from situational equipment changes; i.e. underwater breathing equipment and such) and had a definite thing for burgundy and browns. Post-CW, she opts for black and beige and for Rebels, she's adopted a brown and ivory color scheme and stays with one outfit. I could link to model sheets, but I don't know that anyone but me is into those.

Sabine: She only has one outfit, her armor. She's adding equipment to it as she can, and each season so far she repaints the color scheme and symbols on it. So far magenta is the dominate color. She also changes the color of her hair each season. I am looking forward to seeing her new colors, although the teaser trailer makes it seem like she doesn't change much.
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Tess pretty much sticks to stylish, classic wear with her hair curly and down, though she does wear it up on occasion. SPOILER: Her hair is actually straight.

Kylo wears black. His hair is longish and he really doesn't think much about it.

Sikozu wears skimpy red leather outfits and usually has her hair down. Sometimes she does it up in little knots, but for the most part it's down and free.
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Emcee is used to dressing sparingly and cheaply (thrift store finds, I mean), so I can't see him varying his day-to-day outfit that much. Simple trousers, simple button down dress shirt or undershirt, an undercut with long bangs, and makeup. It's his thing. But if there's an occasion to dress up lavishly or audaciously, he will go all out.

Pam changes her hair and clothes every damn day because there is now way she'd be caught dead (ha!) wearing the same thing twice in public.

Floki usually wears dark and earthy greens and browns. I think he has his favorite pieces to wear, like the woven leather top he uses as armor. He also likes big fluffy fur collars which he picked up during his big pimpin' days as part of Ragnar's court. His hair actually changes a few times as he ages, from disheveled tufts to shaved sides to completely shaved with a rat tail and tattoos on his scalp. I think it may be an indication of his maturity or status in his community.
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A few of mine are experts on having the right look for the right time and place.

Moist sees it as a pleasant challenge, which suit fits which job, how does he best disappear? Its a game that he loves and he enjoys different clothes.

Cassian does a variation of this but with a different end goal. The cover that will allow him to safely get in and out of an Imperial facility or the one to easily travel without calling attention. Most of his changes come from clothing and knowing how to act to not be seen. Also the adjustments for the wide differences in climate across the galaxy. I have a headcanon that Cassian has trouble feeling truly warm which is why he tends to wear layers.

Charles tends to wear variations on the same style of clothing which is elegant with a kind of English professor feeling to it. That holds throughout all of his iterations being more casual when he's younger.

Ivan through his mother has learned how to always be appropriate for every situation. As an officer in the Bararrayan service, he doesn't have that many options but he knows how to notice others' choices.

Quentin is someone who while he doesn't have a lot of choices due to court life and the requirements of livery and being a teenage boy doesn't wear that many outfits. Yet he knows how to use them and as he crafts illusions for disguise, he's aware of how he needs to look to not draw attention.

William and Will's outfits really don't change that much. Now with Robin a proper lord again, his clothing is nicer but not that complex. William doesn't have that many choices and appearance doesn't alter that much for him.

Demeter tends to wear the same style of outfit which is my way of reflecting on how gods tend to always be themselves though their face might change. In the Spring and Summer, she has her young face and in the Winter, her older face.

Tumnus has some nicer scarves but that's it.
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Eric doesn't bother with clothes much (Pam takes care of that).
He does, however, move with the times.
Again. Pam.

But he is also vain. He picks stuff he looks good in. Also preferably semi-comfy and easy to get off.

Elrond dresses as befits his station and the given situation.
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Baze has changed his look only once, from the old Guardian robes to his ratty jumpsuit and armor. He doesn't consider clothes high on his priority list, having come first from the temple where there was only one uniform for him, and secondly from the lean times of the occupation of Jedha.