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Tuesday DE: Memory Lane

Talk about your ex-charries -- what did you like about them, what do you miss about them, why did you let them go, who would you consider re-apping? Do include other games, especially if you don't have former pups in Milliways yet.
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I miss both Raziel and Rem. I want my Shinigami and blue soul eating wraith guy back. I've actually toyed with bring Raz back, but I need to replay the games. The biggest problem though is that my ps2 makes me kinda sick now when I play it. Raz was one of my first pups here 10 years ago. I used to use him to freak out Bill Pardy. I could Re-apply Rem, but I just don't feel her anymore despite owning all of the Manga.

I used to have Ultimate Peter Parker. I think I had to give him up cause I fell behind on canon.

Most of my other old pups I've just lost the voices for, or I got annoyed with them.

Of course, I did bring Todd back. I am glad I did. Why is my coffee pot not working right?

Why am I awake at nearly 5AM?

Edit: I had overfilled my percolator.
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Alcucard misses them too.
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Ahhh. Those were fun threads.
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A very long time ago (We're talking last decade here), I used to RP Benjamin Carmine from Gears of War 2 on a very tiny forum on LJ. I've grown up a lot since then, both in terms of emotional maturity and writing style, so I'm not sure I still have the voice for him anymore - he's very naive and really quite innocent for his universe.

Still, he would be a good fit for Milliways, and maybe I should consider apping him in a few months, when I'm more used to how the Bar works.
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I take it you are a gamer. Also, welcome to Milliways.
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Thanks. Yeah, I used to be, but I'm just too busy to play video games.
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I, myself, just got the time to play again. Never played Warhammer though, looks fun. I have been looking for some people to play Dnd 3.5 with.

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Wow, that is a big question, since I have a lot more ex-pups than pups (I have not officially retired or abandoned Alex Knox, The Question, or Captain Kirk, but I barely play them now.)

Knox was essentially me. Snarky New York Jew. I never thought I would stop playing him, but it got to be harder to do as I moved further and further into what a continuity I was creating and tracking and had no time or interest in doing that forever after all. And pretty much everyone he knew in the Bar was gone (or the players left). The same thing sort of happened with Kirk, but Kirk has the advantage of being a character everyone knows beforehand. Knox, however, was usually just fun, this normal guy in a place full of the strangest people. I really miss him, and maybe someday I bring him in from the present and middle aged.

The other pup I miss the most is Barry Allen. The original one, from the comics, the one he died in 1985 and seemed likely to stay dead. Putting aside all the other versions of him, and his resurrection and his reboots, I really loved playing him. But after 18 months, I found he was a limited character, a great concept but not one with legs (ironically enough). Funny how none of the comics with him aren't much go since his return. Funny how the TV show sputters so badly. I love the Flash but Barry is boring. Still, there were times I wanted back my Milliways version.

PS: I just have to share this with everyone. I was in a LARP this weekend that was very Milliways-like, where literary figures had come to life in the present, and all hell was breaking lose. I played the original Dr. Watson. And the high point was when he, and Scheherazade, and Molly Weasley, and Allan Quartermain, were flying the One Ring to a reborn Mount Doom in Scotland. Oh, and they were on griffins. I think that sounds pretty Milliways.
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That's amazing!
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That just sounds awesome. Crazy as anything, but absolutely awesome.
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That is fantastic. :D
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Oh, man, what a nostalgia trip. I can't even remember all the characters that've come and gone through my roster over the years.

My reasons for dropping tend to fall into a couple categories: I'm dissatisfied with the direction canon's gone and don't have the energy to fix it in-bar (Olivia Dunham from Fringe, Gabriel from Supernatural, Sylar from Heroes), RL needs to take priority (Wash from Firefly, whom I retired because of grad school reasons...oh jesus christ almost ten years ago to the month D: D: D:), they're not as good a fit for the bar as I hoped (Roger from RENT) -- and sometimes, I just end up drifting away from them for reasons unknown (Bolin from Legend of Korra, Mac from Veronica Mars). I miss all of them to a degree; I miss Wash and Bolin's humor (though Alistair's filled that gap a bit), Gabriel's history, Sylar's unrepentant villainy, Olivia's competence and take-no-shit attitude...they run such a gamut of personalities that when played in combination, I've never been bored.

If I were going to re-app anyone? I'd probably re-app Olivia. It'd require way more mental acuity than I have right now, because I'd pretty much have to plot out/rewrite two and a half seasons of canon to have any fun with her, but I still have a huge fondness for her and the universe(s) Fringe created, no matter how badly it all crumbled at the end.
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I miss Ianto Jones's no-nonsense competency, I miss Charlie Pace's sense of humor, I miss Jack-in-the-green's genial kindness.

I stopped playing the first two because they died in canon and I couldn't bring myself to play them beyond that. Jack -- he just needed to rest for a while. He might be back someday.
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I'm going to try and keep this short...
The biggest nostalgic draw is Ben Grimm. I just love him to pieces. I stopped playing him after the catharsis that was Fear Itself and seeing what Marvel has done with him since has done little to change my decision. I was/am sort of tempted to play him during his stint on the Guardians of the Galaxy, but I'm just not feeling it. Also, I always felt vaguely like I was ignoring a large part of his character in that I know nothing of being Jewish and have no context to bring that part of him to play. I know he tended to not express that part of himself, but it would still be a part of him.

Asajj Ventress still haunts my brain meats. I dropped her after reading the ending of Dark Disciple and noping right out. I do/did have a long range plan for her that would've fixed many of the problems I had with DD, but a lack of time and laziness on my part keeps it from happening.

There are plenty more, but I'll leave it there.

ETA: Other games!
I tried out a Loial (WHeel of Time) at tenforward, but the game just didn't click for me. It might have been trying to translate Loial into scifi.

I also tried Theodosia Throckmorton (from the self titled book series by RL LaFevers) at the Warehouse 13 game, but she didn't click either.
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How timely for me! Also I had to edit this down, I can go on for ages about this topic.

Carrot Ironfoundersson - gosh I love how complex he is, and at the same time so straightforward. And I love that he plays on his own simplicity to hide the far more complex way he approaches the world, starting with Men at Arms anyway. And I adore lost king tropes (y'all may have noticed that).
Dave Davenport - from Narbonic. I miss his hilarity, his mad science world, and so much his nerdiness that lets me stretch those OH MY GOD IT IS A [fandom] CHARACTER MUST NOT CANON PUNCTURE CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND. I am also sad I didn't get to go through his plot, which is fascinating.
Rupert Giles - I love his actor so much, and I love his librarian-ness and his father-figure status and his scholarly nature and how he cares for Buffy and the kids and how he's sekritly a total badass and his snark. I really, really love that he is always hiding that he's rather more ruthless than he seems. I definitely miss him, but he's pretty time-consuming.
Kratos Aurion - I love his entire game (Tales of Symphonia) so much. I love his role in the plot, I love his relationship to the protagonist, I love how he mentors and maintains his cold-blooded distance, I love his guilt and struggle with it. I love the manipulative lying bastard.
Henry Mills - I really miss that I never got into him much. I love the kid who sparks so much, endlessly curious and so central, meta-story-wise, and who doesn't need or want power and who loves investigating.
Amy Pond - I love Doctor Who. I love her first season but less so the later ones. I love her snark, her being unafraid to face adventure. She's very time-consuming, though, and I definitely was doing her a disservice.
Diarmuid from Fionavar - Hi. I don't talk much about this much, but yeah, I played Diar. I loved his book series and his arc and his personality, even though THAT WAS SO UNFAIR I WANTED TO FIX CANON. But I played him at a bad time in my life and just fell off. I didn't come back to Milliways for two years.

Carrot, Giles, Dave, Kratos, and Amy got dropped because Tavi and later Lois ate my brain. Henry dropped off partly because of cast kind of dying. These days, Diar and Amy's voices are just gone and Dave's nearly is; Giles and Henry would need polishing/canon-review; Carrot and Kratos I could pick up whenever. I am not likely to start playing any of them again here. I'm not saying never on Giles or Henry, and close canonmates would definitely be inducement for Carrot and Kratos.

Milliways-and-other-games: Lois Lane has too many incarnations why do I have to pick one
I switched Lois in Milliways from Smallville to a YA series. I miss SV Lois for how broken she is in someways and not in others, how she's the one who drinks and swears and survives in a world she's seriously underprepared for, and her endless snark. I really do love her, but I got Sad about her.

Elsegame, I have played her as well as both comics!Lois--pre-DCnU, which has now also been scrapped by Rebirth and that's the post-Crisis Lois back home--and Man of Steel!Lois. MoS!Lois I love for how she is canonically super-competent and used to Stuff like comics!Lois, and all before she meets Clark, and how no-nonsense she is, and how suepr-cute and sweet she can be As for comics!Lois, who I definitely played the longest else-game, she is kind of the quintessential Lois, distilled out of everyone else and their successes and failures are all reflections of her. I also love her journalname, wherethestoryis. Again, quintessential Lois. I miss her dearly.

I just switched to YA Lois and am so full of squee, so I am not likely to change over to any other version of her in the near future.

The only other character I've really played is Gaius Septimus of Codex Alera. I played him two years and he is still constantly in my thoughts three years later, in parallel with Tavi, so he definitely has the staying power--for good reason! I absolutely adore him and need to sandbox him more often. I love literally everything about him, and will stop before I don't shut up. Also, he's Tavi's dad. The compare-contrast between them is constantly fascinating. Sadly, with playing Tavi in Milliways, Septimus will not be making an appearance. He doesn't really fit the shtick of game anyway; he'd go stir-crazy.

The moral of the story is that, really, a character needs a ton of weight with me to hold up against Tavi (and, these days, Lois and Anakin). Not that others--Kratos and Carrot in particular--don't have it! ... but yeah mostly it's all Tavi's fault.
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Bwhahah, one of my pups puked on Giles' shoes.
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[personal profile] inlovewithwords 2017-05-30 03:30 pm (UTC)(link)

Pretty sure that was the person who played him before me. I would remember that happening.

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[personal profile] cameoflage 2017-05-31 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, I remember seeing a post or two from your Dave. I think he was already gone by the time I started playing, but it was fun to see him.
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[personal profile] cottoncandypink 2017-05-30 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Every now and then, I get a little nostalgic over Nicholas Angel, and think about re-apping him. But I'm barely able to keep up with my current roster as it is.

I've had so many pups over the last decade, I don't think I could list them all if I tried. I was maxed out a few times, and I have no idea how I managed to keep all of them active.

If we throw other games into the mix, I'd be here for a week.
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ex-charries [I've been playing since 2004.]

Alucard (from Hellsing Manga) - He was one of my favorites and the one I am most likely to bring back. During the great move from livejournal to dreamwidth I had decided to do a great charrie purge and only kept Amanda. It's just difficult for me to play evil. I miss how much he doesn't care, and the flying. He had some interesting relationships in game.

Tim McGee (from NCIS) - At the time I just couldn't juggle multiple charries. I miss the fact that he is the closest aligned to my actual area of expertise.

Vickie (from Blood Ties) - At the time I just couldn't juggle multiple charries.

Kaz the Minatour (from Dragonlance) -Stoic, I was too new to be able to play a stoic character in Milliways. I miss playing someone who is unlike anyone else in Bar.

Teal'c (from Stargate) - Stoic, I was too new to be able to play a stoic character in Milliways. What isn't there to miss about Teal'c (<3)

Alchimede's (historical) - Hurt my brain in Milliways. He wanted to know more than he could. Eureka!

Yoko (from 12 Kingdoms) - I couldn't do her justice because of my poor spelling. There were words both english and japanese that I had trouble threading because I couldn't remember how to spell them. Lame I know but true. I miss being able to let the teenage girl in me out.

Prue Halliwell (From Charmed) - She and Amanda were too competitive in my brain. Plus she played herself out which is why she is the only ex-charrie that I retired (back in livejournal). I miss how much she kicks but and making up spells. That was fun.

Charlie Swan (Twilight) - Amanda drowned him out.

Jim Ellison (The Sentinel) - again, at the time I had too many characters and not enough time to play them all. Who doesn't want enhanced senses.

Other games

Wyatt Halliwell (Charmed) - I left the game

Romi (from Andromeda) - Left the game

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Were you Tea'lc's player when I had Courage?
immortalthief: Amanda_2014 (Default)

[personal profile] immortalthief 2017-05-30 05:54 pm (UTC)(link)
I don't think so.

I inherited him from someone else. I think there was a few people that had him.
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I guess the ones I miss the most were the ones I payed the most, Cywyllog, Clark Kent and Melou.

Cywyllog was the quintessential damsel in distress and I loved the way she in all her pre-medievalness interacted with so many different characters with relative ease.

Clark terrified me at first because omg Clark Kent, but he ended up as one of my favourites. And given that canon was still ongoing I had a ton of stuff for him to do and he was kept quite busy.

Melou was an offshoot of Cywyllog and I just had this perfect vision of who he was and what he'd be like and how he'd be different from Melehan. I often think about apping a different version of Melou, because he's awesome, but on the other hand he's had his time and it's good for me to let old voices go.

They were all let go because I had played them for a long time and I felt their stories inside Milliways had been told and it was time to move on.

Of course, I re-apped Sikozu just because she's such a different kind of pup for me and can in different threads or situations better then most of my others.
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Amusingly, I played Melehan in an RP a loooooong time ago.
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Mele is also love.