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Thursday DE

Imagine that your character has just died. (Such a stretch, I know!) What's keeping them tied to the mortal world and preventing them from moving on?
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Inability to shirk responsibility for fear of letting people down. Curiosity whether or not she attained the aim she was fighting for before she died.
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A Skywalker. The Force, checking up on old friends, and seeing how the Rebellion is going.
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Look he lost her once he's not about to go through that again if she's even remotely willing to stay and keep him company and not be Obi-wan and Yoda who he still has some reason to be angry at
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Nothing for Tess. She's already died twice and was ready to go.

Kylo, revenge.

Sikozu, her mission.
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For Will S., concern over Nottingham though at the end of canon, I don't think he would. I think he'd want to join Robin.

Charles: worry over other mutants, I can so easily see him as a ghost around the mansion.

Quentin: something's really wrong if a Fae is around after death but worry for those he cares about.

Cassian: I've already written a fic on this that he's not going to be able to easily pass on until the Death Star is destroyed. That's the true end of the mission that began in Rogue One.

William: how his brother's doing.

Sameth: He wants to go through the Ninth Gate, staying after isn't a healthy thing in the Old Kingdom, but I could see him watching after other Wallmakers.

Ivan: His family.

Moist: Once he's done, he's gone.

Demeter doesn't really work for this because if she needs to go back, she'll argue with Hades and her daughter to make it happen.

Tumnus: Worry for Narnia and the Pevensies, oh god, imagine him as a ghost watching Prince Caspian happen.
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French revolution.
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Okay, now that the obligatory canonical joke-but-not-a-joke is out of the way:

Enjolras would absolutely be willing to hang around Paris indefinitely as a ghost, untiiiiiil the Earth (or at least France) is freeee!!! He would appear as a noble symbolic ghostly presence of warm approval in a sunbeam at like every single republican-related uprising and barricade, and also appear on dimly light streetcorners at night to have sincere philosophical discussions with the occasional passerby, who would be very confused when he tipped his hat and vanished.

Thor is not really a ghostly sort, but if he stuck around, he'd be generally a spectral guardian Returning At Asgard's Greatest Need, and possibly also generally inspiring warriors to honor and glory.

Cosette would be a very cozy domestic sort of ghost, watching over Marius (if he's still around) and their children and grandchildren. She'd do her best to give warmth and comfort to any kids who needed it, too, but her own descendants would be what kept her tied to this mortal plane.

Kazul would do what she could for her friends, children and grandchildren, etc, while she was around, but the unfinished business that's actually keeping her is probably revenge on whoever killed her.

Doctor Dinosaur has transcended mortality to wage war upon mammals from beyond the Age of Dinosaurs AND beyond the grave! This is ironic on several levels!!
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Pixie magic. There was an ancient hero set on an impossible task that he could not be allowed to fail, so the pixies granted him a sort of immortality by giving him saves.

The effect of which means now, even if you hurl yourself out of an aeroplane from altitude, you'll just come right back.
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Assuming this means "stuck in their own canon" and not " Dead at Milliways"-

Joly's just going to be stuck messing around and finding out what ghosts can do until he's satisfied his curiosity. And yes okay fussing over the people he left behind a bit, it's inevitable.

Bahorel would absolutely love being a ghost in Paris. Harassing various officials and political leaders to distraction! Haunting friends who would appreciate it deeply! Being a really obtrusive poltergeist at public events! Helping out backstage with plays he likes, and especially at plays he doesn't like! Being able to do a good solid Haunting would open up exciting possibilities in nearly every category of life he cared about! Like heck he's Moving On, you move on.

Gringoire is stickin' around out of sheer terror. What happens on the Other Side? Is it terrible? He doesn't know! Being just in-between...really suits him.

Steven is probably just Poofed, and his Gem is keeping him in place, and will, until he comes back proper.
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Heee, Bahorel just makes me laugh.
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Have Bahorel and Baze met?

Because I think they should meet.
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They have not! And I agree with this proposal whole-heartedly!
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Enthusiastic agreement! :D Baze and Chirrut are fantastic.
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Waugh, thank you! I'm partial to your Joly and Bahorel myself!
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Baze Malbus.
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You keep stealing my answers. Chirrut Imwe.
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((Aww, you guys. :D I keep meaning to send one of my (way-too-many) characters over to meet Baze & Chirrut, but your threads all have 100+ comments by the time I get there and I don't want to bug you!))
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Oh, my Force, you wouldn't be bugging us! Our posts are always open to new threads, even if we exist in slowtime most of the time. I was considering tagging Djehuty, and now I know that I should! Chirrut will probably wander by later.
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You two are adorable, I love it XD
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Bwah, thanks. <3
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YT has to get her revenge on the sonofabitch who ran her over (given the kind of work she does, that is her most likely cause of death). She will fucking haunt his car and cause mechanical problems until he wraps his vehicle around a tree or lampost or whatever's most easily available. Then she will beat the crap out of his ghost before passing on. So vengeance, basically.
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Eriond - N/A kind of, for reasons other than basic immortality. He could be killed/destroyed! But eh.

Evelyn - Because something got mucked up and her spirit is trapped in the Fade and she probably sticks around long enough to see the local problem solved or else stubbornly refuses to let go until [the current major catastrophe in waiting] is dealt with.

Lois - Teen Lois so doesn't think about this, but ultimately, of course, one day down the line? Keeping an eye on Clark (and any children, if they are allowed to have them), long enough to make sure they're okay. And maybe have popcorn while enjoying the show.

Tavi - Kitai, if she didn't go first and if she actually survived him more than five minutes. After that, just long enough to check in on each of his kids and make sure they're okay--Alera itself will be fine, his kids have that covered. But once he and Kitai know the kids are coping? They're good.

R2 - all his data is stored waiting for someone to get him a new chassis so he can get back to work. (Am I wrong?)
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His daughter.
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Emcee would come back to the Kit Kat Klub and miss performing for an audience and making people happy. He'd still have so much of himself to give that he wouldn't be able to let go.
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Man, I really need a Force Ghost icon one day, don't I. Need to see if I can find one from the original, not the spliced-in babyface.

Oh, right, the actual question at hand. Obi-wan and Yoda teaching him in a few seconds what to do combined with wanting to stay and watch his kids, since he missed all those years. And talk to Luke if he can, and... want to talk to Leia and be forever terrified. And then to keep an eye on Ben and keep trying, however fruitlessly, to get through to him.
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still gotta blow up the river trent
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they got some unfinished business there yo
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Cassie: If she died in canon, Shinnok. So not a good reason.

Garyn: Not being the one. But he waits and hopes.