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Early DE is early...

Inspired by my reading of Furies of Calderon, and with [personal profile] student_of_impossibility 's help (and by help I mean completely writing the post for me):

Alera has a set of powers called furycrafting, which amounts to elemental spirit magic. Some of those are just like motes of energy. Some are elementals with discrete forms, some of which come close to sentience. They come in all shapes and sizes! Tiny wood nymphs, earth hounds, wind horses, fire falcons, mirroring their human’s looks, just about anything really. Some people name them, some don’t, it’s really up to the person. ps they are totally pokemon

Alera combines traditional Eastern and Western elements into six: wind, earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Each fury is just one element. Most people only have one, although some have two or even three (usually the third is quite weak). The most politically influential families have all six, all extremely powerful. If you want to know what people can do with different elements, and a little more theory, there’s a list here.

If your character lived in Alera, what would their furies be? Would they have a discrete form? Would your character name them? What type or types? Or would their element be something totally different than the canonical six?

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