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Daniel has done a few really bad things. I mean he uncovered Janas' lab and helped to activate the Atero device, at one point. Not only were countless Wraith killed, but it also caused any active Stargate in the network to explode. That is like setting of a nuclear bomb in an area, many many people died because of that. He also has an understandable hatred of Goa'uld and has killed, or helped to kill many of them. He also helped to destroy the Thor's hammer device on one planet that was protected by it. They ended up enslaved by the Goa'uld. He also failed to save his wife.

Vala was once a Goa'uld host, she, or at least her body, was responsible for the enslavement and death of many people. She's also been a con-woman, and thief for years. I'm sure you can pick one. She did kill her daughter, Adria, but Vala never really thought of her as hers. She was just a way for the Ori to get one of their own into our galaxy.

The Count is known for massacring entire villages. Though since he doesn't feel that that's bad, and doesn't regret it, I'd say he regrets being such a jerk to his daughter. He actually states this in an episode when it looks like they are about to die.

Guide is a Wraith, what we as humans, feel is wrong doesn't really apply to him. What he regrets the most is not dying with his Queen, Snow. He did save his daughter, though he doesn't find out that she's alive till like 20 years later. He feels he should have died with Snow, as it is considered cowardly not to have done everything to save a Queen.

Tegid feels he should have seen where the prince was going, and should have been able to stop the bard that served him. Done something to stop them killing the Phantarc and the Great King. However, if he'd done that then the world wouldn't have been reborn, so, he's not sure.

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