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Tuesday DE: Regret

 What is the subjectivity worst thing your characters did in their lives, and how much do they regret it?
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Swamp Thing nearly overfilled the ocean with algae as a bit of a power play to show that the Green means business. He isn't entirely mankind's ally. (And there was that Batman story last month where he tricks Batman into finding the killer of his father and then takes bloody vengeance, but I didn't like that story at all and don't count it for Millicanon.)

Poirot played judge, jury and executioner in his final case, and then didn't take his heart medicine, essentially committing suicide as penance. He does not regret it, but he also knows that he crossed a line that no officer of the law, active or retired, should ever cross. (Over the years, he has also failed to stop murderers before they could kill again, let killers get away with murder, and in the terrible book The Big Four - thankfully not TV show canon - he only defeated the bad guys after they left at least 10 characters in the book dead.)