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Tuesday DE: Regret

 What is the subjectivity worst thing your characters did in their lives, and how much do they regret it?
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Eriond and Lois are kind of N/A; Eriond in perpetuity because Eriond and Lois because she just hasn't hit the point of Doing Things. Maybe being unable to keep up with people once she moves away? But it's, like. Not actually the worst thing. She's really got a ways to go.

Evelyn hasn't done much yet either, but probably the worst was falling into an on-going rivalry and antagonism with her classmate Jordan. She just could not let go and he was arrogant and it was just a mess, and then he was made Tranquil. She hugely regrets everything now, because what if her behavior contributed? And turns out he means a lot to her, if in some complicated ways.

R2-D2's regrets are basically always not being able to protect his meatbags or not being able to restrain his meatbags (protecting them from themselves). I think maybe the worst thing he's ever done is being okay with getting into a ship with a nine-year-old and blowing up a space station. He doesn't regret it, and the kid wasn't hurt, but... uh. Way to go probably turning Anakin into a killer at nine? Geezes.

Anakin, at this point in his life, would claim the worst thing he's done was fail to kill Dooku and he regrets this. This is 100% a load of bull. The worst thing he's done to date is slaughter a village of Tusken Raiders without hesitation or thought, children included. The Tuskens remember this even after ANH. He actually does regret this; it was a psychotic break and he's terrified of himself and has little idea what really happened. Sadly, it just gets worse.

In general, though? While Vader cannot find any amounts to give about anything... eh. Honestly, the only things in his life he doesn't regret are becoming insanely good at combat, flying, and mechanics; marrying Padme; and their children existing and his decision to save Luke. Yeah basically literally everything else in his life is a mess of "Well that went poorly."

Tavi has a few different scales of Worst Thing Actually. On a personal level, the worst action he took was taking a very personal betrayal that was also an act of treason to an extreme of intentionally deeply cruel death sentence is probably at the top. He regrets this pretty quickly. As a military commander, probably the single worst thing he did was that death ray that killed, like, ten thousand Canim in minutes. He regrets deeply that it was necessary at the time and would do it again if he had to--but he tries not to have to. As one of the people guiding Alera's future, he wrote a memo that Sextus decided to go along with that sort of resulted in the civil war and Canim invasion, so that is kind of his fault? He did tell Sextus it could end really badly and maybe not. But he does feel pretty awful about that. It's not really on him, much more on Sextus really, but still. He played a role in many, many people dying. (Plus it set up the situation that required a death ray.)

Well. Then there's the big one: he woke the Vord. He had no idea it was going to happen, he absolutely did not intend it, had he had full knowledge he might have just tried to get the mushroom without bleeding all over it; I'm not sure he could have made the choice, at fifteen, between millions and his family. So, like, worst? Ish. In that it had the absolute worst results. This is, honestly, not his fault--he didn't know, he was pushed to it by one of the people who murdered his father and started this dumpster fire to begin with--but he sometimes feels like it is.

So Iunno. One of those. Definitely subjective.