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Tuesday DE: Regret

 What is the subjectivity worst thing your characters did in their lives, and how much do they regret it?
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Jim's done a lot of really bad things. The worst? Well, it's subjective as you say, but I think probably becoming a murderer at 12/13, and killing an 11 year old boy for laughing at him has got to be up there. He killed a lot of people as an adult, but idk, showing himself to be that vengeful that early - and also being unable to deal rationally with other people - is pretty bad.

Though I'm a bit torn, because blowing up a block of flats and killing twelve people just because an old lady described the sound of his voice...also pretty bad.

How much does he regret any of it? Not a single bit.
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oh hey so henry v pretty much describes it all in detail (and please skip over this if you want, for talking about rape and murder):

"The gates of mercy shall be all shut up,
And the flesh'd soldier, rough and hard of heart,
In liberty of bloody hand shall range
With conscience wide as hell, mowing like grass
Your fresh-fair virgins and your flowering infants.
What is it then to me, if...
The blind and bloody soldier with foul hand
Defile the locks of your shrill-shrieking daughters;
Your fathers taken by the silver beards,
And their most reverend heads dash'd to the walls,
Your naked infants spitted upon pikes,
Whiles the mad mothers with their howls confused
Do break the clouds, as did the wives of Jewry
At Herod's bloody-hunting slaughtermen."

He's talking here outside of Harfleur, which surrenders, and Shakespeare gets away with not showing that happen: as a character, Harry gets to show off his goodness by telling his soldiers to be scrupulously careful with the French civilians. But everything he's threatening there is what historically happened at more than one point in his French campaign, notably at Caens, with Henry's blessing. I figure it's fair game for characterization of the fictional Harry, since Shakespeare gives us that speech. And it's a very damning speech. I wanted to include the Biblical reference because by his own standards, Harry knows this is evil.

He feels bad about it. He'd do it again.
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Swamp Thing nearly overfilled the ocean with algae as a bit of a power play to show that the Green means business. He isn't entirely mankind's ally. (And there was that Batman story last month where he tricks Batman into finding the killer of his father and then takes bloody vengeance, but I didn't like that story at all and don't count it for Millicanon.)

Poirot played judge, jury and executioner in his final case, and then didn't take his heart medicine, essentially committing suicide as penance. He does not regret it, but he also knows that he crossed a line that no officer of the law, active or retired, should ever cross. (Over the years, he has also failed to stop murderers before they could kill again, let killers get away with murder, and in the terrible book The Big Four - thankfully not TV show canon - he only defeated the bad guys after they left at least 10 characters in the book dead.)
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This jerkface here hasn't hit some of his MCU canon high points yet but subjectively anyway, there's probably some times he did stuff that really upset his mom that he feels kinda bad about.

and like getting thor to nearly start a war with the frost giants, aaaand lying to thor about their dad being dead, those were probably bad things to do. trying to destroy jotunheim. whatever, man, his dad has done worse okay??
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Lesgle and Feuilly both certainly feel terrible about the killing that they did in the 1832 rebellion. That said, they felt at the time that there were no non-violent ways to stop society's and the government's violence, and the reading they've done in Milliways since then still leaves them both feeling that fighting and killing were necessary. So they regret it hugely and they don't regret it at all.
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Ahsoka's would be leading a squadron of clones to their deaths above Rylloth. She pretty much did this out of pride or certainty that she knew better than Republic commanders and Anakin. She very much regrets it and it haunts her command decisions for then on. (I suspect she thought Anakin was being protective when he told her to back off the attack run.)

Sabine...(jazz hands) Spoilers for season 03 (/jazz hands) so I'm not going to spell it out. It was worse than anything I had thought of, though. She regrets it very much and ends up in exile because she tried to fix it.

Hank's was not just breaking, but crashing Raven's heart in First Class. Canon doesn't show him regretting it, although karma gives him the back hand in making him furry. Milli-canon, he definitely regrets it and tries to make it up to her. I should touch on this with his current sabbatical from the school.

Sam...I honestly can't think of anything. Maybe flipping a guy over the rail of an overpass to most likely fall to his death? The guy was a terrorist actively trying to kill him, Natasha, and Steve, and doing so by firing around civilians, so I don't consider it a horrible thing. He regrets nothing.

Touji...beating Harutora senseless before canon? Touji deeply regrets what happened and has fought to prevent the like from ever happening again.

Izana...I can't think of anything to be honest.

Chance...maybe setting an alien species free into her native environment? She ends up adopting the dragon, keeping and caring for it at her home though. She has a dragon friend now and no regrets.

Selina pushes a guy out a window to his death. The guy had tried to kill Bruce before and threatened to do it again, but wasn't actually a threat at the time...well much of a threat. Bruce wasn't pleased and Alfred was very not pleased. Despite Alfred slatting her, she has no regrets.

Danny....running away from his duty as protector of K'un Lun. At this point, he has no regrets.
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Sahaal left most of his men to die as he ran for cover. He believes it was necessary.
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Failing to protect Chirrut in the end. He regrets it a lot.

ETA: Or possibly abandoning his faith in the Force. That hurt Chirrut more than Baze would like to admit, and he regrets it heavily.
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Yamato: When he basically had a breakdown, was manipulated by an evil tree, and ended up forcing Taichi into duel -- it put everyone at risk, but it also caused the group to fracture into three, resulting in Leomon's death (well, his first death, at least), both Yamato and Sora to end up encountering the Dark Ocean, and later on for Taichi to nearly die because Yamato wasn't around to help.

Eden: Eden has maybe fourteen days of life experience, and he so far thinks he's doing well! Not -- not done anything he thinks he should regret. Also, he's not capable of regret? So. Everything's chill there.
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I don't think Wilford's ever done anything even subjectively good. Everything is for personal gain, even if it is helpful to someone else. If it's helpful to someone else, chances are it's because he wants something out of them.

As for the worst things he's done, uh. He killed his own creator in front of a live audience. There was the whole affair/multiple homicide/arson thing. And the time he executed a guest on his show over a misunderstanding. And when he killed that other person during a meeting over another misunderstanding.

I don't think he regrets any of it. He just doesn't understand why everyone else thinks it's such a big deal.
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Daniel has done a few really bad things. I mean he uncovered Janas' lab and helped to activate the Atero device, at one point. Not only were countless Wraith killed, but it also caused any active Stargate in the network to explode. That is like setting of a nuclear bomb in an area, many many people died because of that. He also has an understandable hatred of Goa'uld and has killed, or helped to kill many of them. He also helped to destroy the Thor's hammer device on one planet that was protected by it. They ended up enslaved by the Goa'uld. He also failed to save his wife.

Vala was once a Goa'uld host, she, or at least her body, was responsible for the enslavement and death of many people. She's also been a con-woman, and thief for years. I'm sure you can pick one. She did kill her daughter, Adria, but Vala never really thought of her as hers. She was just a way for the Ori to get one of their own into our galaxy.

The Count is known for massacring entire villages. Though since he doesn't feel that that's bad, and doesn't regret it, I'd say he regrets being such a jerk to his daughter. He actually states this in an episode when it looks like they are about to die.

Guide is a Wraith, what we as humans, feel is wrong doesn't really apply to him. What he regrets the most is not dying with his Queen, Snow. He did save his daughter, though he doesn't find out that she's alive till like 20 years later. He feels he should have died with Snow, as it is considered cowardly not to have done everything to save a Queen.

Tegid feels he should have seen where the prince was going, and should have been able to stop the bard that served him. Done something to stop them killing the Phantarc and the Great King. However, if he'd done that then the world wouldn't have been reborn, so, he's not sure.
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Eriond and Lois are kind of N/A; Eriond in perpetuity because Eriond and Lois because she just hasn't hit the point of Doing Things. Maybe being unable to keep up with people once she moves away? But it's, like. Not actually the worst thing. She's really got a ways to go.

Evelyn hasn't done much yet either, but probably the worst was falling into an on-going rivalry and antagonism with her classmate Jordan. She just could not let go and he was arrogant and it was just a mess, and then he was made Tranquil. She hugely regrets everything now, because what if her behavior contributed? And turns out he means a lot to her, if in some complicated ways.

R2-D2's regrets are basically always not being able to protect his meatbags or not being able to restrain his meatbags (protecting them from themselves). I think maybe the worst thing he's ever done is being okay with getting into a ship with a nine-year-old and blowing up a space station. He doesn't regret it, and the kid wasn't hurt, but... uh. Way to go probably turning Anakin into a killer at nine? Geezes.

Anakin, at this point in his life, would claim the worst thing he's done was fail to kill Dooku and he regrets this. This is 100% a load of bull. The worst thing he's done to date is slaughter a village of Tusken Raiders without hesitation or thought, children included. The Tuskens remember this even after ANH. He actually does regret this; it was a psychotic break and he's terrified of himself and has little idea what really happened. Sadly, it just gets worse.

In general, though? While Vader cannot find any amounts to give about anything... eh. Honestly, the only things in his life he doesn't regret are becoming insanely good at combat, flying, and mechanics; marrying Padme; and their children existing and his decision to save Luke. Yeah basically literally everything else in his life is a mess of "Well that went poorly."

Tavi has a few different scales of Worst Thing Actually. On a personal level, the worst action he took was taking a very personal betrayal that was also an act of treason to an extreme of intentionally deeply cruel death sentence is probably at the top. He regrets this pretty quickly. As a military commander, probably the single worst thing he did was that death ray that killed, like, ten thousand Canim in minutes. He regrets deeply that it was necessary at the time and would do it again if he had to--but he tries not to have to. As one of the people guiding Alera's future, he wrote a memo that Sextus decided to go along with that sort of resulted in the civil war and Canim invasion, so that is kind of his fault? He did tell Sextus it could end really badly and maybe not. But he does feel pretty awful about that. It's not really on him, much more on Sextus really, but still. He played a role in many, many people dying. (Plus it set up the situation that required a death ray.)

Well. Then there's the big one: he woke the Vord. He had no idea it was going to happen, he absolutely did not intend it, had he had full knowledge he might have just tried to get the mushroom without bleeding all over it; I'm not sure he could have made the choice, at fifteen, between millions and his family. So, like, worst? Ish. In that it had the absolute worst results. This is, honestly, not his fault--he didn't know, he was pushed to it by one of the people who murdered his father and started this dumpster fire to begin with--but he sometimes feels like it is.

So Iunno. One of those. Definitely subjective.
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It's hard to tell without knowing Amascut's entire backstory, which has only come to light in bits and pieces. But by most standards, what she did to her adopted sister goddess Apmeken was pretty horrific. She disfigured her face and used Apmeken's eyes, ears, and lips to create god-beasts that massacred a great number of Apmeken's followers. Amascut has no regrets about it at the canon point I have her at right now, but later she might regret stopping at just disfiguring and disabiling Apmeken.

Fairy Fixit is silent about this. She has a very grey morality and doesn't talk about irrelevant things (except when she does)