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Wednesday DE: Proud

What is the best thing your characters have ever done in their lives: - something they are really proud of, or deeply happy to have achieved?
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Danny - Becoming the Iron Fist
Sam - Being chosen by Steve
Hank - Saving the world and preventing WW3 at the Bay of Pigs
Chance - Nothing yet, but saving a sewer goblin clan from drowning will be her first big accomplishment
Selina - Nothing is coming to mind. Maybe a big score or a particularly difficult roof leap she survived
Sabine - At this point, mastering Wookie and Aqualish, and forging her armor. She's done some things to be proud of, but she has too much baggage associated with it to feel pride. Maybe saving those soon-to-be slaves a bit ago?
Ahsoka - Pride is not the jedi way. (Her saber skills. Maybe once the galaxy has peace for five minutes, she'll allow herself pride in other matters; although she did/will keep Senator Amidala safe from assassins.)
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Sam is so precious
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And just to clarify with Ahsoka, she doesn't think she has anything to be proud of because there is still war in the galaxy. She has many things she should be proud of (surviving fighting Asajj, and Grievous many times, saving the Younglings, freeing the togruta slaves, being a part of Asajj's path to redemption, helping to build the Rebel Alliance, surviving a fight with Vader, etc), but there is more work to be done.
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Sammmm, aw jeez.