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Wednesday DE: Proud

What is the best thing your characters have ever done in their lives: - something they are really proud of, or deeply happy to have achieved?
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Ellen is extremely proud of having convinced Lord Ashur to end slave-taking in the Pitt and use robotic labor instead.

She is somewhat less proud of the fact that she had to show up at his doorstep with a robot army and threaten to wipe his city off the map with an orbital death ray to get him to do it.

Especially since, as an avid reader of whatever comic book scraps she could get her hands on in the Vault and the Capital Wasteland, she knows a supervillain scheme when she sees one.
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At least she didn't use a death ray.
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Against Lord Ashur, no. Against a demonstration target that used to be Western State Penitentiary and the surrounding twelve acres or so, yes.

Can't expect a man to take your claim to possess orbital weaponry seriously without a demonstration. Extraordinary claims do require extraordinary proof.
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