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Wednesday DE: Proud

What is the best thing your characters have ever done in their lives: - something they are really proud of, or deeply happy to have achieved?
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Will S.: Helped Richard return to the throne and kept Robin alive and ready to step back into his role as a lord. Nottingham is doing well because of them.

Sameth: Defeated Orannis, helped save Milliways, was able to help Kait

William: Has helped keep his brother alive and get to school, saw Ben get on the train

Charles: At this point, not that much, gave Erik and Raven some hope

Cassian: Not very much personally but he knows that his work is a reason that the Rebellion continues to exist. He reprogrammed Kay, not everyone thinks this is good but he's proud.

Demeter: Have you met her daughter? Her daughter is the best thing ever and she's from her.

Ivan: Hm, younger not an easy answer, I think its more what he hasn't done. Not involved in politics or used by anyone other than Miles at times.

Tumnus: He saved Lucy.

Moist is proud of various jobs but not in the same way the other ones are.

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