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Wednesday DE: Proud

What is the best thing your characters have ever done in their lives: - something they are really proud of, or deeply happy to have achieved?
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so remember that thing with sneaking some frost giants past heimdall and getting thor to nearly start a war and then thor getting banished and lying to him about their father being dead--okay some people might say that was "a bad thing to do" or whatever. but come on, you gotta admit it was pretty awesome

okay so maybe loki isn't deeply happy about it, but hell yes he's proud
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Tess is proud of her degree and that she got out of Louisiana. She's also damn proud that she saved a civilization, but no one else seems to be.

Kylo uh. He'll be proud once he gets rid of Rey and Luke.

Sikozu is just proud of herself for existing.
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Eriond - fixed Poledra's situation.

Evelyn - mentoring Karla.

Lois - That time not too long ago she taught her classmates poker.

R2-D2 - Well, his humans haven't managed to exterminate themselves or the galaxy yet...

Anakin - Marrying Padme. (Later: saving Luke and indirectly Leia.)

Tavi - Ending slavery unequivocally, and invisibly (in that no one will ever know what he did) laying the foundations for utterly shattering the class system.
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Danny - Becoming the Iron Fist
Sam - Being chosen by Steve
Hank - Saving the world and preventing WW3 at the Bay of Pigs
Chance - Nothing yet, but saving a sewer goblin clan from drowning will be her first big accomplishment
Selina - Nothing is coming to mind. Maybe a big score or a particularly difficult roof leap she survived
Sabine - At this point, mastering Wookie and Aqualish, and forging her armor. She's done some things to be proud of, but she has too much baggage associated with it to feel pride. Maybe saving those soon-to-be slaves a bit ago?
Ahsoka - Pride is not the jedi way. (Her saber skills. Maybe once the galaxy has peace for five minutes, she'll allow herself pride in other matters; although she did/will keep Senator Amidala safe from assassins.)
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Baze is less proud of what he has done and more proud of Chirrut. Chirrut was the one who actually turned on the master switch, and kept his faith, and kept Baze going when things got lean, and and and...
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Ellen is extremely proud of having convinced Lord Ashur to end slave-taking in the Pitt and use robotic labor instead.

She is somewhat less proud of the fact that she had to show up at his doorstep with a robot army and threaten to wipe his city off the map with an orbital death ray to get him to do it.

Especially since, as an avid reader of whatever comic book scraps she could get her hands on in the Vault and the Capital Wasteland, she knows a supervillain scheme when she sees one.
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The manner of his death. He is endlessly pleased with that.
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Will S.: Helped Richard return to the throne and kept Robin alive and ready to step back into his role as a lord. Nottingham is doing well because of them.

Sameth: Defeated Orannis, helped save Milliways, was able to help Kait

William: Has helped keep his brother alive and get to school, saw Ben get on the train

Charles: At this point, not that much, gave Erik and Raven some hope

Cassian: Not very much personally but he knows that his work is a reason that the Rebellion continues to exist. He reprogrammed Kay, not everyone thinks this is good but he's proud.

Demeter: Have you met her daughter? Her daughter is the best thing ever and she's from her.

Ivan: Hm, younger not an easy answer, I think its more what he hasn't done. Not involved in politics or used by anyone other than Miles at times.

Tumnus: He saved Lucy.

Moist is proud of various jobs but not in the same way the other ones are.

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