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Thursday DE

1. Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ceitfianna!

2. What’s the nicest present your character has ever gotten? And/or the nicest thing anyone has done for them?
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When Ellen turned ten her only real friend in Vault 101 gave her an intact issue of Grognak the Barbarian as a birthday gift. This was the nicest present she was ever given up until the day Scribe Jerald of the Order of the Sword revealed that he'd been reconstructing an historic weapon entirely from 200-year-old newspaper descriptions and reclaimed bits of technology as a courtship gift.
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He later gave her a new helmet when they got married, since wedding rings are basically for people who aren't constantly under threat of imminent horrible greenskin-based death. She gave him a Gatling laser in return. It's all terribly soppy by local standards.