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Thursday DE

1. Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ceitfianna!

2. What’s the nicest present your character has ever gotten? And/or the nicest thing anyone has done for them?
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Sherlock turning out not to be a failure is the greatest gift Jim ever got. it let him die in a measure of peace.

Tangible items - the music Yrael wrote for him, possibly. It was certainly a personal gift, though he's unsure of what he feels about having his personality transcribed into music. He's partial to the Kryptonite tie pin Tess gave him too, and the Westwood shirt Sherlock got him for Christmas. And the birthday cake Sherlock made him because looooool, Sherlock Holmes baking a cake. Perfection. :D

tl;dr - Jim is not used to getting presents that mean something, and he likes all of them.
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Jim, you rank sentimentalist.
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Loki: You certainly do!
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Jim: I knew I liked you, Loki.
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Yrael is still so glad that Jim took the gift in the spirit it was given - something unique and special and beautiful and Made For Jim, something quite meaningful and validating and not something he'd want to get rid of, but damn it's also terribly uncomfortable to know it exists. That's exactly what he was going for.

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Jim is unsurprised to find that's what he was going for! Good job, Yrael. :D
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I've been thinking on and off for a month that he needs to get on with giving Yrael the cat earphones he promised him too. I kept forgetting, sorry! I will get on it as soon as he's sorted out his current work situation. :)
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No worries! Life has been hectic here and Yrael hasn't been around much. They'll catch up sooner or later. *snugz*