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Thursday DE

1. Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ceitfianna!

2. What’s the nicest present your character has ever gotten? And/or the nicest thing anyone has done for them?
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When Ellen turned ten her only real friend in Vault 101 gave her an intact issue of Grognak the Barbarian as a birthday gift. This was the nicest present she was ever given up until the day Scribe Jerald of the Order of the Sword revealed that he'd been reconstructing an historic weapon entirely from 200-year-old newspaper descriptions and reclaimed bits of technology as a courtship gift.
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Sherlock turning out not to be a failure is the greatest gift Jim ever got. it let him die in a measure of peace.

Tangible items - the music Yrael wrote for him, possibly. It was certainly a personal gift, though he's unsure of what he feels about having his personality transcribed into music. He's partial to the Kryptonite tie pin Tess gave him too, and the Westwood shirt Sherlock got him for Christmas. And the birthday cake Sherlock made him because looooool, Sherlock Holmes baking a cake. Perfection. :D

tl;dr - Jim is not used to getting presents that mean something, and he likes all of them.
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He later gave her a new helmet when they got married, since wedding rings are basically for people who aren't constantly under threat of imminent horrible greenskin-based death. She gave him a Gatling laser in return. It's all terribly soppy by local standards.
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Jim, you rank sentimentalist.
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Loki: You certainly do!
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Jim: I knew I liked you, Loki.
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Ahsoka's best gifts were the two times the Force gave her kyber crystals, and when Anakin gave her life back (with the help of the Daughter. The Mortis arc was weird, ok), not to mention all the training which allowed her to save herself over and over.

Sabine: A second chance. (Thank you Kanan!)

Sam: His wings, which he's been given a few times now.

That's all I have for now. I'll see if anyone else wants to speak up.
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Yrael is still so glad that Jim took the gift in the spirit it was given - something unique and special and beautiful and Made For Jim, something quite meaningful and validating and not something he'd want to get rid of, but damn it's also terribly uncomfortable to know it exists. That's exactly what he was going for.

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Jim is unsurprised to find that's what he was going for! Good job, Yrael. :D
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I've been thinking on and off for a month that he needs to get on with giving Yrael the cat earphones he promised him too. I kept forgetting, sorry! I will get on it as soon as he's sorted out his current work situation. :)
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The nicest present Emcee has ever gotten was a new home and a nightclub in modern day Berlin from Jay. But it was also the most difficult gift to accept. Emcee has a tendency to turn around and give gifts he receives to people more deserving than him.

And, y'know, life. From Sunshine and Eric. Emcee wasn't even sure if he deserved that, too.
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No worries! Life has been hectic here and Yrael hasn't been around much. They'll catch up sooner or later. *snugz*
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Teja got an orange from Carlotta.
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Eriond: Garion let him take over caring for Horse!

Lois: Her smartphone. It was a sign of You Are Old Enough and also will become important. (BTW this will totally change later on.)

Evelyn: When her girlfriend got her a new staff much more suited to her!

R2: Honestly? When Anakin began the habit of never wiping him. It gives him his whole existence, ultimately.

Anakin: Padme married him. (Is there a theme here? Yes there is.)

Tavi: Other than the umbrellas of "Every time Max and Ehren trust, protect, and have fun with him," "basically everything Kitai does although especially giving up her going with the Horse clan for his life although she kind of had no real choice in that," "every time someone loses will-saves and is loyal to him," I think there are three contenders.
1) When Isana finally, finally talks about his father (and to a lesser degree Araris, both in the reveal and discussing him later.)
2) Doroga deciding to help at Second Calderon and thus establishing that whole alliance. He could have just gone away. But he did.
3) Gaius Sextus gave him trust--enough, ultimately, to trust him with Alera.

Actually that last is kind of a crap deal, he has a lifetime of wrangling and worrying and occasional over-working and already a few wars and treason and politics ahead of him. Thanks, Granddad?

In the Bar, there might be another option: when Alanna gave him Copper Isles Red Griffin tea and stew.
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Wilford doesn't have enough people who don't hate him to get gifts very often. I'm tempted to say the dog is probably the best thing he's been given, even though it was more of a prank than a gift, and he still hasn't even figured out that he likes having the dog around.

For the same reason that he doesn't get gifts, he doesn't give them either. Not that he would even if he had friends.
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Happy birthday Fi!