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Ahsoka already exists in a community that is empathetic, at the least, so I can see her choosing at least an empathetic companion or a telepathic one. And I can't help but think of the giant wolves show in the season 04 Rebels trailer for her companion. I blame Dave Filoni and Elfquest for this, although I know his inspiration is Princess Mononoke.

Sam would be all over a close bond with a companion, and if dragons are on the table, why not? I have two questions though; would he impress a green, blue or brown dragon, and how would you contract his name? Using his full name and dropping a couple of vowels to get S'mal maybe? (I think I may have my AU for him for the next AU week.)

Selina would chose a companion. (Don't tell anyone but she is lonely.) She'd opt for a bonding that allowed more privacy though and likes the idea of a ghost or spirit cat that only she can hear. This way the cat can be useful and check out closed rooms and things for her so she always knows what she's breaking into.

Sabine doesn't seem interested. She has enough problems trusting people or letting them get close enough to hurt her. Also, it'd just be one more thing the Empire can take away from her. (This answer makes me sad.)

Chance is good with George, although she wouldn't mind being able to understand him better.

Hank could really use a companion but I don't know if he'd choose one. He is lonely but he both fears and longs for companionships.

More later maybe.

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