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Captain Cassian Andor ([personal profile] childofrebellion) wrote in [community profile] ways_back_room 2017-06-09 04:26 pm (UTC)

A few of mine kind of have them.

So Yrael/Mogget is Sameth's snarky companion through a good part of canon. In terms of if he had a choice, he'd probably say no thanks.

Cassian also has a canon friend in Kay who's actually kind of like Yrael/Mogget in terms of the snark level but much more personally loyal to Cassian. Given the choice, I don't think he'd choose to have one as he'd probably say someone else would get more from having a partner. This is why its good he has Kay who does for Cassian what Cassian does for other people but doesn't expect for himself which is going, you're my person, I'm taking care of you now.

Charles would love to have a telepathic companion that he could talk to and would understand, he'd be much less lonely.

Quentin already has some pets in canon and with all his secrets, he wouldn't choose one with a closer relationship.

William would like being able to have some kind of connection with horses but I don't know if he'd choose to have only one.

Will S., I think when he was younger, he'd love the chance to have a companion to help him protect his family and later Robin. I don't think he'd choose a telepathic one, but a deep connection.

Moist says no thank you as does Ivan, they have enough people concerned with their lives, a companion would be too much attention.

Demeter, hm, in some ways she already does with her connections to the all growing things.

Tumnus would like to have someone especially in the darker days of the Witch's rule but I thin not telepathic.

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