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I have never been partial to the idea of animal companions. Indeed, outside of Kirk I can't say I have ever had a pup who so much as owned a standard pet. (Yes, like all right thinking people I adore cats, but the imperative to have a pet is not that strong for me.)


My pups tend to have human companions, or be companions. That is, Poirot has Hastings as his partner and sidekick and biographer. Kirk has Spock. Swamp Thing and Constantine have the oddest relationship. Long ago I played Gibbs, Captain Jack's steadfast boatswain. In all these cases, there is never quite an equal footing. Poirot is smarter than Hastings, Kirk always outranks Spock (even if at the end of the movies both were captains), Gibbs is clearly subordinate to Jack, and Swamp Thing and Constantine each think themselves superior to the other. But all thrive on the sort of give and take that exists in the partnerships. And to outside eyes, the imbalance might seem unfair.

Oddly, while in the comics there was a strange BFF-ship between Cyborg and Beast Boy back in the day that follows this pattern - Cy was the oldest member of the Teen Titans and least friendly, Beast Boy the talkiest and youngest and least mature - the Titans cartoon never tried to replicate this. Cy and BB are buds, but there was not a single episode that focused on the friendship. And certainly none that did any "boy and his dog" jokes.

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