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Okay, okay, fine. A serious answer.

Eriond has Horse. He would never Choose other than to be friends with Horse.

Evelyn would love the kind of bond mabari and their humans have. This is entirely because she adores Liranan. Not her opinion, but I think Evelyn would be pretty good with a Pernese dragon or a Valdemaran Companion. (She just-- she just wouldn't want a dragon for, uh, reasons that may be obvious. Even if they're very different. Cultural differences.)

Lois kind of would shrug at this. She doesn't much care one way or another. Although if you offered her a Pernese dragon she would 100% take that up. I think she'd also be good with a Firecat from Karse (Valdemar series).

R2 says programming is complicated and some algorithms get all tangled up in each other, why do you think he puts up with C-3PO all the time? Or his humans. Programming like that is dangerous but sometimes increased output is worth it.

Anakin actually does not appreciate this idea. "Except Padme," obviously, but even that is dubious because he'd tell himself he totally wants that but... basically no, he doesn't want anything tied to his soul like that. Partly, I think, because he's not unaware he's Terrible. Also, honestly, he's just not that good at building connections.
(. . . he would totally take a Pernese dragon, though. Who wouldn't?)

Tavi's serious answer: He's very chill with the idea of soulbonds of basically any level. The Marat have them, obviously, with animals. If you gave him a chance at a Pernese dragon he would basically squee, and he's a shoe-in for a Herald in Valdemar. (Furies... are different and also there's the thing and *hands* complicated but.) Canonical Tavi can probably sustain two soulbonds (more than that is untested) if the opportunity or reason arose, but he certainly has no reason to seek one out.

(Also, technically, he is the bondee and not the bonder. Like a horse! Only not a horse. This is something of a Disappointment. Except when it isn't.)

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