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Friday DE: Pokemon, daemons, and furies, oh my

Fiction is filled with the companion trope, from Pokemon, to Elfquest, to Codex Alera, to Pern. If you character were given the choice, would they accept a companion? I am thinking less, "they would chose X-type companion" (although feel free to give us this) and more would they chose the relationship? Would they chose one that's more pet like, i.e. an emotional put pretty normal bond, or would they want a more intimate bound, such as telepathic dragons or spirits that are tied to their souls?

As ever, feel free to give as short or long an answer as you'd like, as well as take whatever tangents this topic inspires.
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No, he would not accept a companion. The look on his face sums up his opinion on Other People.

Original ACD canon had him with a right-hand man, of course, but it was a conscious decision by the writers to leave Moran out of the BBC version. And his portrayal by Andrew Scott comes, he says, from the interior knowledge that he's always alone and has always been alone.

So, no.
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But what about his pet giraffe? :D
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Which I still maintain he named Mycroft. :D
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Can't forget Mycroft the giraffe!