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Friday DE: Pokemon, daemons, and furies, oh my

Fiction is filled with the companion trope, from Pokemon, to Elfquest, to Codex Alera, to Pern. If you character were given the choice, would they accept a companion? I am thinking less, "they would chose X-type companion" (although feel free to give us this) and more would they chose the relationship? Would they chose one that's more pet like, i.e. an emotional put pretty normal bond, or would they want a more intimate bound, such as telepathic dragons or spirits that are tied to their souls?

As ever, feel free to give as short or long an answer as you'd like, as well as take whatever tangents this topic inspires.
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(Slightly longer answer: There was an interview recently that described Digimon partners as 'avatars of the soul,' a semi-independent external expression of a different facet of their corresponding Chosen, which is definitely true for Yamato and Gabumon. So it's definitely over on the extreme ends of 'closer, more intimate bonds.')