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Friday DE: Pokemon, daemons, and furies, oh my

Fiction is filled with the companion trope, from Pokemon, to Elfquest, to Codex Alera, to Pern. If you character were given the choice, would they accept a companion? I am thinking less, "they would chose X-type companion" (although feel free to give us this) and more would they chose the relationship? Would they chose one that's more pet like, i.e. an emotional put pretty normal bond, or would they want a more intimate bound, such as telepathic dragons or spirits that are tied to their souls?

As ever, feel free to give as short or long an answer as you'd like, as well as take whatever tangents this topic inspires.
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Enjolras doesn't really have an opinion on the matter? If a soulbond animal happened to choose him, he'd be fine with it once he got over the bafflement, but he's not the kind of person who find it a gloriously compelling idea on its own. And he has enough very close (and very emotionally demonstrative) friends that he doesn't have the I WISH SOMEONE UNDERSTOOD ME RIGHT DOWN TO MY SOOOOUUUL thing; he's got that already, as far as he's concerned.

He wouldn't really see the point of a strongly bonded pet, though. He's not a pet person. A cactus is about his speed for caretaking, and even then it better have instructions and he won't entirely see the point.

Cosette, on the other hand, would be DELIGHTED. So delighted. She's 17, and she loves animals and friendliness and taking care of things! She would be very startled if it were a telepathic soulbond thing rather than an extra special pet, but either way she'd be delighted. And she'd totally go for it in an instant, unless her father or mother or Marius jumped in fast with qualms.

Kazul already had an extremely satisfactory pet princess friend, thank you, and even if Cimorene is now Queen of the Enchanted Forest next door instead, she doesn't feel any need to try to replace her just yet. Nor to add telepathy and soulbonds to that mix. It seems like entirely unnecessary mental clutter for all.

Thor, hmm. Thor's a complicated one! I think actually he would want to talk to the prospective animal/spirit/whatever first and see how it felt about the prospect, unless that were abundantly clear already. He doesn't feel any great need for it, but he'd also find it a potentially fun and useful kind of alliance-and-comradeship. So, tentatively amenable? I mean, he's already got a kinda-arguably-soulbonded hammer, though Mjölnir isn't sentient.

Doctor Dinosaur would love a telepathically controlled Murdersaurus Rex, yes!!! He will also accept pretty much anything else telepathically controlled, non-mammalian, and murdery!!!

If that's not what you're offering, he's not interested.

(And I totally would, are you kidding. I read so much Valdemar and Pern and so forth as a child, and I definitely have an inner thirteen-year-old that's still all about this stuff.)