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Just going to preface this with, after some thought, literally all of my organics would A++ adore the new Wonder Woman movie. Evelyn and Lois for Diana's strength and poise and ethics; Eriond because Eriond; Anakin for the awesomeness of the major fight and her power and how the war is shown (basically all the wrong reasons tbh); and Tavi... well, honestly for basically everything. All the themes, for her, for all the characters... yeah. I suspect R2 also likes it, but that may have something to do with "organics not being stupid in that."

Eriond enjoys all movies, although some of them make him very sad and mourn for people's cruelty to each other and be determined to change that. But I think maybe movies about kids on adventures overcoming odds might be his favorite, in as much as he is capable of favorites.

Evelyn would go for detective movies--less psychological thrillers, just good old detective movies. I think she might genuinely like noir, and definitely other detective-type movies. This is, at least based on her favorite book being Hard in Hightown. Get her in the right company and she would MST things. (... Hawke would probably enable this. Also Varric, Dorian, Bull, and Sera. Josie too. Oh god. I'm now imagining the DA:I company sitting around watching terrible movies. Help.)

Actually, Evelyn would also definitely go in for movie or TV adaptations of literature, or some historical fiction. Definitely Shakespeare. I think she'd appreciate the Firth-Ehle Pride and Prejudice a lot. Definitely Shakespeare, she loves the plays and good movies of them. I think some fantasy stuff would appeal to her, though sci-fi less so.

Lois, at this point in her life, likes giant robot movies and giant monster movies. Just imagine that her world has an equivalent of Pacific Rim and that is hands down her favorite thing ever. And she has a guilty love of whatever giant robot movie is the handwavey equivalent of Michael Bay's Transformers movies. In a few years she will develop an adoration of movies, historical or otherwise, about lady journalists, and His Girl Friday in particular occupies Best Place until a movie about Nellie Bly comes out (not one in our world, sadly), but I suspect as the giddiness of her new life wears off, the giant robot movies will return to equal love as a genre.

Also, Lois will probably be willing to MST basically anything. I am imagining her subjecting Clark to Sharknado and laughing her head off.

R2 probably likes accurate historical and science documentaries. It's a matter of "data kept is accurate and well-presented." He probably MSTs any number of movies--but no one knows that, because it's all in binary.

Anakin probably has trouble staying seated long enough for watching a movie, but in general I'd expect action thrillers. Not outright super-depressing war movies, except in a few cases. I'm tempted to say he'd like Indiana Jones--although that one scene with the swordsman leaves him torn between "shooting is the tactically smart thing" and " just had to? But it's not elegant. *pout*" I'm also tempted to say he likes Kurosawa--Japanese film in general probably appeals to him--and might particularly enjoy Hidden Fortress, just for the luls involved. Oh, and literally any movie about good piloting. Don't show him bad ones, though, he will 100% nitpick it.

Tavi joins R2 with the historical/scientific documentaries, and good literature adaptations (but less so of romance ones--Jane Austen is good reading but not his watching preference, or Hardy, but he'd fall into the Shakespeare camp) but he is also the sci-fi/fantasy geek and into spy thrillers and heist movies. Mind, he absolutely nitpicks everything. He is probably terrible to watch movies with, to be honest. He will absolutely enjoy it and yet completely rip away the suspension of belief over "That is terrible security protocol, no one would ever do that" and "That is not how you battle tactics, please stop" and, if he's from an AU where he has the tech knowledge, "that is not how computers work let me explain AI actually/that is not hacking what is wrong with you [inspired by CSI Cyber]/that is not how space flight would actually work the science is--/BATTLE TACTICS IN SPACE ARE NOT ON A PLANE YOU NEED TO TAKE THE THIRD DIMENSION INTO ACCOUNT" etc. It's usually mostly in good fun. He just... loves picking everything to shreds. He also likes Arthurian movies or mythology but gripes at all the bad ones--which is a lot of them!

He might even have an affection for very bad sci-fi/fantasy for just this reason. Also he totally would be an MSTer.

Pretending he's in the real world and picking some specifics: Tavi joins Lois in the Pacific Rim camp, and as far as TV shows go loves Babylon 5. He will probably go in for superhero movies too, although potentially comics or TV shows more than movies. I'm actively not noting Lord of the Rings/Hobbit despite his deep love of the books because he has complicated feelings of critique related to them.

Oh yeah. He loves Star Wars.

As for me, my favorite movie is called A Midwinter's Tale, 1995, directed by Kenneth Branagh (but he's not in it so no ego fest). I watch it at least once a year. It is a ritual. Go check it out, y'all, it is beautiful.

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