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Tess Mercer ([personal profile] have_no_mercy) wrote in [community profile] ways_back_room 2017-06-12 01:40 pm (UTC)

Kylo's colour palette for canon is pretty normal, though he and his are surrounded by black because they're the ~bad guys~.

Sikozu's canon is about the same, though people have their own colour palette unto themselves. She is, of course, the Red character.

Oh god Smallville. Colour is used so much in SV I don't know that I can explain it all. Characters have "uniforms" of colour (Clark is primary red and blue, Luthors are purple, Oliver Queen is green) and these colours get shared with characters they interact with a lot.

Smallville the town is rich and bright with lots of primary colours. Metropolis is still bright with lots of blues. Otherworlds are saturated in their own kind of colour (Luthorverse is desaturated, Pandora verse is red). All that kind of good stuff.

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