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Yamato: Digimon 01 and 02 tend to be full of bright colours for foreground details, and then muted colours and mottled watercolours for the backgrounds in the Digital World, making everything look sort of distant and unreal (which is totally for artistic reasons and not because it means they can save money and time by painting vague outlines and then having the backgrounds be fairly static).

Colours then get utilised somewhat more when characters head outside the Digital World. When Taichi initially returns to Odaiba, in a weird dreamlike episode directed by Mamoru Hosoda, one of the franchise's original creators and the later director of Summer Wars, backgrounds lose the watercolour effect but colours are extremely muted with contrasting patches of light to dark; in Serial Experiments Lain writer Chiaki Konaka's episode, he introduces the Dark Ocean, which retains the Digital World effect but has everything muted and contrast-less, and so on.

For Tri, the use of colour is probably less interesting, but prior to chapter four, the real world was always presented heavily blue, and the Digital World in red.

Characters also have their own colours, usually their Crest colours: So Yamato's associated with blue, Taichi with orange, Sora with red and so on -- those colours tend to be predominant in their partners' evolutions.

Eden: Kingdom Hearts as a whole uses very bright colours, and Chi is not the exception (and may actually be a little bit brighter than the norm). Daybreak Town in particular is full of bright purples, blues, oranges, and white.

The Unions also all have about two colours to their name: Unicornis (and Master Ira) is white and red, Anguis (and Master Invi) is light blue and dark blue, Ursus (and Master Aced) is green and brown, Vulpes (and Master Ava) is pink and light yellow, and Leopardos (and Master Gula), Eden's Union, is grey and yellow. The Master of Masters and Luxu are both associated with black.

Colour also beccomes somewhat relevant when dealing with the Chirithys: The Dark Chirithy is initially identified as such by having dark grey fur instead of silver, and as time goes on, the shade of his fur changes in tandem with the mood shift of the game.

Sherral: Colours are used to demarcate both setting and faction in Final Fantasy XII.

Is it a combination of yellows, white, pale blues, and bright reds? Congratulations, you're probably in Dalmasca, and might be near the Resistance. Is it red, black, grey, and dark orange? You're probably in Archadia, and maybe around Judge or Senate controlled parts of it. Silver, white, blue and black? The Occuria are here! Is it varying shades of green, offset by browns, silvers, and oranges? One or both of the Solidor brothers are nearby. Please watch out for them carefully.

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