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Star Wars canon has a pretty nice color palette. Colors are true and not muted or overly saturated. Bad guys are in blacks, grays, and whites. Good guys are in warm colors. I am sure there is a lot that could be said about who wears neutral tones and what that means to the story, or their morality, but I'm not sure I'm the best person to outline it. It is interesting how Leia wore white when captured in ANH, since the bad guys are the ones wearing white. Perhaps a nod to her undercover work in the Senate?

Ahsoka in dressed in burgundy and browns, and stays that way until the end of the Clone Wars TV show. Next she is shown wearing brown and blacks, and then she is wearing grays in Rebels, with a mix of cold and warm tones, that remind me of her Jedi colors. To me the color choices suggest her place in the galaxy and her mental state. In CW, she is fiery (being volatile in attitude, friendly, and warm, as well as physically active), post-CW she is in hiding and locking away the part of herself that wants to help people, and then in SWR she's back out in the galaxy and is done with hiding, but doesn't identify as a jedi, and so keeps herself to balanced colors.

Sabine uses bright colors as her barbaric yelp to the galaxy and Empire that she is alive and will not be quiet. She has something to say and will not be silenced. She also keeps playing with her color scheme, which I think both reflects how creative she is and how her views change through out canon. I know in EU canon, the colors a Mando'a paints their armor is much like the old flower language, in that each color means something. Current canon doesn't seem to have any of this beyond Clan colors and certain graphic depictions, like the Jaig eyes Rex wears or Nite Owl marks. (I did try to get the point about Sabine choice of color answered during a Rebels Recon, but they never picked it up.)

More later maybe...

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