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I think Cabaret had a muted color scheme, lending to the 1930s look, and depending on the scene either warm lighting with fleshtones (like literally, the dancers wear nude-colored lingerie) or stark, highly contrasted lighting. Emcee himself never wears brightly colored clothing, only black and white (and sometimes silver sequins). And it's a very subtle change, but as the show goes on, his red lipstick gets darker until it's almost black and his skin gets paler, his own deterioration mirroring the deterioration of the situation in Berlin.

True Blood pretty much has a normal color palette overall, but there's definitely a certain look to the daytime vs. nighttime scenes. Fangtasia is all gothy black and red, and so is the clothing of most of its patrons. Pam, however, actually likes wearing pinks and lavenders, but she'll go from black leather to red sequins to gold lamé quite easily.

Vikings can be very lush and rich or gray and muted. I think there's a difference between the depiction of the viking homelands vs. England. While you see lush greens and stark white, snow-capped mountains, you know you're in Scandinavia, and when you see dreary gray forests, you're in England. The colors of the ships' flags indicate whose group the fleet belongs to. Blood red/stripes is for Ragnar, blue I think was for Lagertha, whose shields were also blue. Floki himself had a specific color scheme of dark greens and browns.

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