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Monday DE: Color theory

 Good morning and welcome to another week. Got any challenges you're going to crush this week?

As for today's topic, let's talk color and it's use. How is your canon's color palette? Is it bright or is it desaturated like a Snyder film? Do specific colors have meanings within canon? How about the use of color in meta-canon? Feel free to add any details I didn't think of in my questions.
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Ellen's canon tends to be on the brown/gray side; the Fallout series has an entry under Real Is Brown on TV Tropes. Reasonable in light of the fact that there was a nuclear apocalypse two centuries before canon, but I think also at least partly tied into the way the Mad Max movies seem to have left the world with the impression that post-apocalyptic settings have to look like the Australian Outback. (The Last of Us was pretty good about countering that.) Green can go one of two ways: sickly yellowy green, which indicates radiation and/or plasma effects, or darker green, which indicates plant life and usually hope. I say usually because of a specific Vault in Fallout New Vegas where the plant experiments didn't go the way they would have liked.

Santo's canon is kind of the opposite, at least when it wasn't filmed in black and white, because lucha libre matches are basically the Mexican branch of the superhero tradition. The part that involves masks and pounding your enemies to pulp without pause like someone locked two bears in a washing machine, anyway. (American wrestling got the hyper musculature and the speeches instead.)

Pacific Rim tends towards the colors of electronic lighting and metal, I think. And lots of creepy glowing blue, because kaiju blood is creepy glowing blue.

Quicksilver's canon is pretty bright and has decent color saturation all around. Quicksilver himself is duct tape colored. His hair is light silver-grey and his clothing is generally either gray or that weird dark silver-gray that looks like duct tape. I know it's supposed to be reflective of his code name but mercury- quicksilver- doesn't look like that. He looks like duct tape.

On the challenge front, in RL, I finished the Wediko School Climb for Kids on Sunday. 46 floors in 14 minutes 33 seconds and ridiculously warm/humid conditions. woo.
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