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Monday DE: Color theory

 Good morning and welcome to another week. Got any challenges you're going to crush this week?

As for today's topic, let's talk color and it's use. How is your canon's color palette? Is it bright or is it desaturated like a Snyder film? Do specific colors have meanings within canon? How about the use of color in meta-canon? Feel free to add any details I didn't think of in my questions.
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Runescape is pretty brightly saturated but there is no overall theme. The gods and their followers do have color schemes. The fairies, being friends of Guthix, get a lot of greens and browns, but they do get some light blue mixed in. They are friends, not worshippers.

Amascut doesn't have worshippers in the strict sense and her "followers" wear whatever they want. Amascut does too, in contrast to her family's brown and gold theme. However, for her last four appearances in-game (development-wise not canon timeline-wise) she has been wearing the royal purple and golds of her Lady Keli outfit. The playerbase responded so well to it that it has sort of become Amascut's default iconic look even though it was supposed to just be a disguise.

Which is a bummer because I wanted the devs to keep on giving her new outfits and disguises in every quest.

The one thing she never changes is that she is always a redhead. Her hair may change shade, but it is always red. (it turns pink when she's flustered :D ) She's too proud of her mane to change it beyond lenth and style.